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Room by Room Packing Order

Every room has different requirements when it comes to packing, and when you have a full house you may not know where to start. Don’t stress about a move! With the help of All My Sons Moving & Storage, our room by room packing guide can make your packing process fast and easy.

Up first: Storage closets

It’s important that you start with the things you use the least. Storage closets, items in your garage, and stuff shoved into closets are likely to be forgotten until the last minute unless you address them right away. This includes out of season clothing, unused appliances, skis, holiday decorations, old photographs, etc. Get the stuff you deal with the least out of the way from the beginning. Start by decluttering; toss, sell, or donate items you no longer need. This will lighten your moving load as well. Then box up and label these items and push them aside.

Second: Dining room / Living room

If you have another place you can eat your last few meals in your home, try packing up your dining room set and getting it ready for your move. Surely you won’t be needing your china and fancy glassware in the middle of a moving process. Take down curtains, draperies, and pack up rugs. Include lamps and decorations. Start packing up your furniture, leaving the bare minimum for enough comfort in your last few days.

Third: Appliances

Appliances are likely to be spread out in your office / den, living room, and other common areas. Pack up things like speakers, stereos, DVD players, and computers that you don’t need for the coming days. Include all chargers and try to keep wiring orderly.

Forth: Kitchen

Pack up your entire kitchen. Include all nonperishable items, appliances, and dishes. Keep a set of silverware, plates, and cups for as many people are in the house, and pack away everything else. Make sure you carefully wrap any fragile items in packing paper for extra protection. Keep out only the essentials; coffee maker, toaster, etc. Make sure to eat or throw out any food items, as you will not be able to bring these on your move.

Fifth: Your bedroom.

Keep your mattress, one set of sheets, and enough clothes for the coming days, including your move. Pack all clothing items, jewelry, decorations, and furniture in your room.

Last: Bathroom

Your bathroom should be one of the last things you pack up, as it is the most commonly used place in the house. Items like soap, towels, toothbrushes, and any other important hygiene necessities should be kept out until just before the move.

But wait – there’s more. If you don’t want to lift a finger, All My Sons offers packing services in Salt Lake City. Our team will arrive at your house upon a set schedule, and pack all your belongings for you. That means every room, strategically and safely packed up into high quality moving supplies. Call today to learn more about our partial and full-service packing options.