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Moving to Salt Lake City With Pets

 If you have pets, you can agree that you consider those pets family. So now that you’re moving, why not treat them as so? Moving for anyone can be stressful and moving with pets can be even harder. Just as there are ways to make the move easier on you, there are ways to make that easier on your pets. To prepare for your upcoming move to Salt Lake City, All My Sons Salt Lake City has put together a guide on what to do with your pets when moving. Read on to find out more!

Sometimes, many of our household pets don’t really enjoy riding in the car or associate it with something negative, like the vet. Since your dog or cat is going to be traveling in the car to your new house, start getting them acclimated to traveling in the car. If you have a cat, he or she is most likely going to have to travel in a kennel. Cats usually never go back in the kennel after coming home that first day, so it’s usually a good idea to put the kennel out in your house so he or she can get familiar with it.

As you are packing an essentials bag for your family, don’t forget to pack one for your pets. Be sure to put food, toys, a bed or whatever else your pets may need to feel comfortable the first few nights in your new house. You should especially pack their favorite toys in this bag because pets cling towards familiarity. A familiar toy will help your animals settle in at their new house.

Since you are moving to Salt Lake City, you should also update your pet’s microchip. This ensures that if your dog or cat gets lost, he or she can be located and returned to the correct address.

If you are traveling far to Salt Lake City and going to need hotel arrangements, don’t forget book an animal-friendly hotel!

When it’s finally moving day and you are ready to go to your new house, it is important to pay extra attention to your pets. It might be best to invest in a doggie day-care or kennel service on moving day. Doors are going to be continuously open, which means there is a lot of opportunity for your pet to get out. Your pet may also get confused when they see everything in boxes, so it is usually a good idea to unpack everything before letting the animals explore. Don’t forget to check the backyard and make sure it is safe for the animals to go play out there.