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What to Do When Moving into an Apartment

The Challenges of Moving Grow Larger as Your Space Grows Smaller

Fitting all your belongings into a new house can seem like an impossible task, but what about cramming your life into an apartment? The challenges multiply—so does the stress. For whatever reason you’re downsizing your home, moving into an apartment comes with its issues and its benefits.

Here are some to-dos from your Utah movers so that you can enjoy all of the new aspects of your new space.


Do Mail

Depending upon the apartment complex you’ll be living in, the mailing process differs. Some buildings deliver directly to your door while others have a front desk you can check. Figure out your new home’s mailing procedures.

Don’t forget to switch your address and set up a new PO box, too. This way, friends and family can reach you as soon as you move in and you’ll stay up-to-date on bills and of course, that pile of local coupons.


Do Utilities

You’re settling down after a long day of moving into your apartment. You’ve completed the task of downsizing, and now you’re ready to plop on the couch to watch your favorite show. You go to shower, but to your dismay—there’s no water! You forgot to set up your utilities.

This is the last thing you will want to happen on moving-day. Set up cable, internet, Wi-Fi, water, and electricity as soon as possible so that you don’t have to go without.


Do Cleaning

You moving into an apartment means that someone probably just moved out. While the spaces are supposed to be cleaned and fixed up for the new owners, sometimes this isn’t the case. Come with a fully-stocked arsenal of cleaning necessities. Scrub down your apartment thoroughly to ensure that your new home is pristine and ready to be lived in.


Do Keys

Upon downsizing into your new apartment, you must obtain a copy of your new key. This is just in case you lose the first or are having someone dog-sit for you while you’re out of town. A duplicate key is essential and helps to rid you of any stress you may have over inevitably losing the first one, like most of us would.


Do Personalize

Maybe you’re just renting the apartment, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t make it your own. Create a homey space for yourself. Maybe get a doormat or a coatrack for the entryway, so that you immediately feel at home walking in. Do what you want with your space; you are the one that has to live there.

Just make sure to check the building rules and guidelines before doing anything crazy. Painting the living room a flashy, bright yellow might make you happy, but it might not make your landlord too cheery. Then your bank account won’t be too glad, either.

Check these items off of your mental to-do list and contact your Utah movers if you want to move into your new apartment with ease.