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Helpful Tips When You Are Moving in Bad Weather

In Salt Lake City, the winter season can last a whole lot longer than you may expect. Whether it’s snow causing difficult driving conditions and slippery driveways, to freezing temperatures and ice, we know that moving in bad weather can be a pain. When you are looking for quality Salt Lake City movers in Utah, be sure to check out All My Sons Moving & Storage. We have years of experience with moving in all sorts of circumstances.  There is no need to postpone your move to the spring or summer months if you take advantage of these tips to help you get through the winter conditions.


Protect Your Belongings

 When you move, you put most of your belongings into boxes. What if those boxes get wet? Make sure to have some extra packing or duct tape on hand to cover the bottoms and sides of your boxes in case they touch snow or get wet somehow. Another problem is your large furniture. You’ll want to make sure that when moving in bad weather, you have some plastic sheet wrap on hand to cover your furniture and protect them from the outdoor elements. Our Salt Lake City movers also have mattress covers that you can use to safeguard them during transport. These tips do not only have to apply when moving in bad weather. They provide better protection for your belongings no matter what time of year you move.


Wear the Right Clothing

 Don’t be caught out in the cold without the right attire. No matter which Salt Lake City movers you hire, you will probably be outside a lot during your move. Make sure you are wearing sturdy shoes to avoid slipping on ice. It’s also good to make sure those shoes are insulated to keep your feet warm. Dress in layers- you may be warm at one point during your move but if you pack that big jacket or sweater, you’ll regret it at some point during the day. Gloves and a hat should also be on hand as well.


Place Mats Outside and Inside Your House

 When moving in less-than-perfect conditions, it’s helpful for both you and your Salt Lake City movers to place mats at the door both inside and outside your home. This will help minimize the risk of slipping and falling, which can happen easily if it is icy. You can save your movers some stress by helping lay a safe path for them to help you move. The mats on the inside will save your floors. Everyone can wipe their feet before they trample further into your house and get your floors wet and salty.



Get the Heat Turned on Before the Move

 We know that nothing is worse than getting to your new place and realizing you have no heat. Make sure you call in advance of your move to ensure you can have heat and electricity as soon as you move into your new home.


We hope these tips are helpful for moving in bad weather. Remember, you do not have to reschedule due to winter weather. Give All My Sons Moving & Storage Salt Lake City a call today for your free, no obligation quote.