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4 Ways to Save Packing Space

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What’s one of the most difficult, most time-consuming parts of moving? Packing, of course. No one looks forward to it, and everyone dreads it. However, packing is still a necessary part of making your move to Houston. Over the years, belongings pile up until you realize just how much stuff you’ve accumulated.

Eliminate packing anxiety and save space with four of the best packing tips from your Texas moving company.


1. Create Your Own Containers

Before stopping at your nearest grocery store for the typical brown box, look around your house. All of that Tupperware, those suitcases, and even dressers and armoires can be used as packing containers. You have to pack those things anyway, so you may as well fill them up with stuff.

One of the best packing tips is to place spices or other cabinet contents into your pots and pans, taping the lids shut so that things don’t fall out during the move. Also, consider leaving some of your clothes in your dresser drawers and armoires. This will not only save space while packing, but also maximize packing time.


2. Fill the Space

You may find yourself filling boxes to the point where they’re much too heavy to be lifted safely. Instead of continuing to stuff the space until it’s overflowing with belongings, stuff a box two thirds of the way and store towels, blankets, or clothing in the remaining space. This is one of the best packing tips because it eliminates boxes which are too heavy while also creating space for some of your lighter items.


3. Bag it Up

Another way to save space before your move to Houston is to use big, durable garbage bags as packing containers. For this, don’t remove closet clothing from the hangers; just stick the stack of clothing into a large garbage bag. These take up much less space than boxes which aren’t always completely full, and they’re also much easier to transport and store.

Place items such as blankets, sheets, and comforters into bags, as well. Basically, anything which is relatively light and easy to carry is fair play for sticking into bag while packing.


4. Get Rid of It

If you still find yourself with way too many things than you can handle, our Houston moving company recommends that you purge your home of excess or unnecessary items. Go room by room, filling boxes with items which you don’t want or need anymore. A great place to start is in that overstuffed mug cabinet--twelve holiday mugs aren’t really necessary, and you can surely survive without them.

After doing this, contact your local donation destination or consider giving your belongings to friends or families in need.

All the tips in the world won’t eliminate the process of packing from your life. Hopefully with these four hacks, though, you can stress less and make a much easier, less over-stuffed move to Houston.