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What You Should Know Before Your Move to Dallas

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Cowboys, BBQ, and Tex-Mex are common clichés when you think of Dallas. The North Texas movers want you to know about some other things which may be even more important to you before your move to Dallas. Unless, of course, you are a diehard fan of BBQ ribs. Here are 5 things to know before moving to Dallas:


If you want to experience every season in your new hometown, from the blazing hot to the freezing cold, then Dallas is the place to be. Though temperatures aren’t too extreme during the seasons, they are notable. Summers are as hot as you would expect them to be in Texas, and winters are surprisingly cold and riddled with frozen rainstorms. Considering this, the best time to move to Dallas is between the more pleasant months of April to June. This way you won’t be ducking inside to avoid spontaneous rainstorms or sweating outside from the intense heat.


Yes—traffic is an issue in the city. That shouldn’t make you doubt your move to Dallas, though. It has a superior public transportation system, such as the DART, or the Dallas Area Rapid Transit system. Avoid traffic and commutes by using this train to get to work or to a day at the mall.


According to LifeStorage.com, Dallas is the fastest growing job market in the United States. The movers in Dallas recommend this city for anyone hoping to grow in the corporate world. Whether or not you made your move to Dallas due to a job change, you will notice how important the job market is; Dallas is home to the AMR Corporation and Bank of America.


Another thing the North Texas movers don’t want you to worry about during your move to Dallas is education. You may have asked yourself, “The new job is great and all, but what about the kids? Where will they go to school?” Dallas is home to some of the state’s most prestigious schools and school districts. Look into Bluffview, a tree-covered, postcard-esque neighborhood which offers residents the chance to go to the K.B. Polk Center school for academically gifted children, too.


Okay. You may be wondering how Dallas can be notable for its culture and art, but you will be surprised. Whether you’re looking for something low-brow or high-brow, Dallas has it all. This city has restaurants galore. Even though it’s cliché, you must stop off and grab some Tex-Mex during a night out sometime. Also, Dallas has several prominent theaters and museums, such as the Texas Theatre and the infamous Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza. Even the nature lovers of Dallas can enjoy a day out at the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden.

As you can see, Dallas is so much more than BBQ ribs, football, and cowboy hats. Remember these interesting city traits during your move to Dallas, and you will never be left wondering why you decided to move in the first place.