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Questions to Ask Your Professional Movers

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Moving takes a lot of effort. It is a plan that can change your life for the better! It also can bring some unwanted stress and situations you never thought about. Before you make your move to Dallas, it is highly recommended to ask a lot of questions to the local moving companies you are considering hiring.

Will You Help with the Packing?

Boxing up your whole house is a big task. It is always better to get help from someone; or a full-service moving company in Dallas that provides packing supplies and services. If doing this all on your own is too much, ask them if they can give you a hand.

Are You Properly Licensed?

Simply put, licensed business is the way to go. Certifications by the American Mover and Storage Association show that this company is the real deal. This means they adhere to standards and comply with federal law.

Will You Take Me All the Way?

The point of hiring movers is to make sure your stuff gets to your new home. Something to inquire about is whether or not they will bring everything along the journey when you move to Dallas. Some moving companies can only go so far, so see if they offer long-distance moving. You don’t want to go with a moving company that is going to third-party out your move to a long-distance mover, and then tack on an additional fee. Make sure the moving company you choose is the one that is, in fact, handling your move.  

Do You Have References?

Knowing who you have in charge of your belongings is crucial. You need to trust them. It is no fun worrying about your items. Ask about their past. Who have they moved in the before? If they have great reviews and people who would come back to them, you should be in the clear. A recommendation from a satisfied customer solidifies the reputation!

Do You Have Binding Quotes?

As most do, you probably like to have things set in stone. When you encounter unforeseen changes, you might want to tear your hair out. Make sure they can offer binding quotes so your move to Dallas doesn’t exceed your budget.

Do You Offer Liability/Insurance?

Nothing is worse than someone else breaking your stuff. Arriving to your new home only to find out you have to get a new TV because of a movers’ negligence doesn’t sound fun. 

Long distance movers are required to provide at least two options when it comes to liability - full value protection and released value protection. Among these two tiers, released value protection is the cheapest option. However, the coverage isn’t too high. 60 cents per pound only goes so far. Full protection is where you might want to look. For an added cost, your movers will be responsible for anything that is lost or damaged during your move to Dallas. This may vary from depending on the company, so always find out these details.

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