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How to Make Moving to Dallas Fun

Moving Doesn’t Have to Be a Chore

Oftentimes the excitement and the thrill of moving gets overshadowed by the pile of worries and doubts which stack up as quickly as those cardboard boxes in the middle of your living room.

Go against the flow and make moving fun for the whole family. Your move to Dallas can be an unforgettable experience rather than an unwelcome source of dread.

Here is how to make moving fun:


Blast the Speakers

Music can be a great way to bond with your family during your move to Dallas. Everyone in the family should be included in compiling various playlists for the different stages of moving. Get together as a family and choose songs to be added to playlists for packing, loading, unloading, and unpacking.

Instead of dreading the tiring unloading process, your family can look forward to listening to the music they picked out for just that time. Make your playlists fun and specific, giving each family member a say into what should be included for which part of the moving process.

From the Beatles to Bach to Ariana Grande—choosing artists to be included for the moving playlist will be fun for the whole family.


Pig Out

Snacks, snacks, and more snacks. Food is the way to the heart, so make moving fun with special snacks like candy, chips, or fruit. This doesn’t have to be an unhealthy food splurge, though. Just buy foods that your family likes but only really eats on special occasions. Without the opportunity to cook, this will also free up time during your move to Dallas.

Pig out as you move out.


Craft Creativity

There’s no doubt that kids and adults alike are drawn to bring creative. If you have young kids or aspiring artists in your family, give them the task of labeling the packed boxes. It may not be painting the Mona Lisa, but using different colored tapes and markers to label the boxes can make moving fun. Sketching a layout of the new home is another way for the budding artists to channel their creativity during your move to Dallas, too.

For the wordsmiths or the bookworms in the group, delegate the task of coming up with clever nicknames for the packed boxes. This way there’s something for everyone to enjoy, making moving fun for the whole family.


Explore the City

Finally, if you have any extra time, our North Texas movers recommend exploring your new home of Dallas. Take the family out for a day at The Star, the training facility of the Dallas Cowboys, or if you’re a group of adventure-seekers, spend the day at Dallas’s Zero Gravity Thrill Park.

Whatever you decide to do to make moving to Dallas fun, take advantage of this time with your family. Since your new home will still be covered in boxes, there won’t be bedrooms to escape into. Make your move to Dallas a time of bonding and semi-forced family fun.