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Packer’s Guide to Moving Large Furniture

Packer’s Guide to Moving Large Furniture

The moving process is not always the simplest list of tasks to complete. We’re sure you’d like a less complicated move to Dallas, right?

Most of us don’t very often think about having to move our large furniture until we have to move it! Perhaps the best way to move your furniture is to have a professional mover in Dallas handle it, since it can be an arduous and potentially dangerous mission. If you insist on moving the larger items yourself, follow these tips to avoid injury to yourself and your belongings.

Lift with your legs, not your back!

You should be bending at the knee and not your back when lifting cumbersome items like large furniture. If you’re not quite sure how to lift with your legs comfortably, try squatting down, mimicking a seated position, while maintaining a straight back. Practicing positive body alignment not only protects your spine, it allows you to have a steady center of gravity, all while utilizing your bigger muscles to lift heavier objects. Try doing this while lifting a few items that may be lighter or easier to handle.

If you’re doing it manually:

You will need an extra hand for large and heavy items if you’re moving them without a Dallas moving company. When handling pieces of furniture with removeable drawers, empty and remove the drawers. This lightens your load exponentially while also giving you and your moving partner a place to hold onto.

Hook the corners with chairs and couches. This essentially means that when you encounter a corner, you’ll want to set the chair or couch on its side and in an L-shape mimicking the corner you’re turning. When you mimic the corner, this should mean that the L-shape of the chair/couch should go exactly the same way as the corner you’re turning. If necessary, it will be easier to curl around the corner and into doorways.

Be sure to remove all extraneous items from what you’re moving. Just like the drawers we stated earlier, take legs and feet off of tables, chairs, couches, and other furniture, books off of shelves, and other items out from and off of your large pieces of furniture.

Use furniture sliders, moving blankets, shoulder dollies, hand-trucks, square dollies, and other tools you can think of in order to help move your large furniture. It can be tricky, especially if you have stairs, split level floor plans, or you need to preserve your flooring. Be aware that moving these items on your own can cause a great amount of risk, and potentially cost you medical expenses and a tremendous amount of time. You should count on movers in Dallas to execute this for you.

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