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Disposing of Hazardous Waste

Everything is bigger in Texas, and that includes the efforts we’re making in Dallas to minimize the waste we produce too. Our Dallas moving company cares about the environment, even trying to be green when moving. The Dallas movers of All My Sons share some information about disposing hazardous waste.


Understanding What Hazardous Waste Is

The first thing one should do after settling into their new home or office is learning what constitutes hazardous waste. We don’t think about this, but hazardous waste can be something as simple as a battery. It can also come in the form of sludge, solids, liquid, or gases. Disposing of your hazardous waste is actually quite simple here in Dallas, so there should be no reason that anyone should pollute.

So, what are the common household hazardous wastes?


Paint products

Pool cleaner

Simple household cleaners

Vehicle maintenance products


Disposing of Hazardous Waste, the Responsible Way

Now that you know the common household items that are hazardous to the environment, the next step should be contacting your Dallas Hazardous Waste Chemical Collection Center. These are the products you can bring according to the Dallas County Home Collection Center:


Chemical products for home use

Paint and home repair products

Lawn & garden chemicals

Aerosol sprays

Pool chemicals

Craft & hobby supplies

Cleaners & polishes

Batteries of all kinds

Automotive fluids & oil filters

Fluorescent light tubes

Computers, cell phones, small electronics


What Not to Bring

Below are the products you cannot bring to the Dallas Hazardous Waste Chemical Collection Center according to the Dallas County Hole Collection Center:


Business or commercial waste

Containers larger than 5 gallons


Explosives or ammunition

Shock-sensitive materials

Smoke detectors

Radioactive materials

Medical waste

Common trash or recyclables

Construction debris

TV's and large appliances


Why You Should Dispose of Hazardous Waste

Disposing hazardous waste is a matter that should be taken seriously. It’s not just tossing these items in the garbage, there is a proper procedure that should be adhered to, with caution, so as not to cause harm to the environment. All of the movers in Dallas know the proper ways to dispose of hazardous materials because we promote a green and environmentally-friendly moving practices. When you do not follow the simple practices, hazardous waste is extremely detrimental to your health, the health of others, and pollutes our environment, which contributes to the climate change currently affecting the entire globe. Minimizing these products or going green with eco-friendly products is better for the planet.


With our Dallas packing service, all of our movers always recycle and look out for certain products that are considered hazardous while packing and unpacking all of your household items. To find out more about disposing of hazardous waste or if you have questions about the moving services out Dallas moving company offers, call our friendly movers today at 214-329-0090.