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Common Moving Injuries To Avoid During Your Next Move

Common Moving Injuries to Avoid During Your Next Move

Nobody likes to get hurt. Would you rather relax on your couch while watching the big game, or potentially injure yourself lifting it? We understand that moving can be rather tough, but it shouldn’t result in injury or pain. If you’ve decided to move your belongings yourself, rather than hiring reputable Dallas movers, here are a few of the most common injuries and tips on how to avoid them during your move to Dallas.

Strained Back

This is the most common among all injuries when moving. Normally, back injuries happen when one uses their back too much during a heavy lift. Perhaps you’ve heard the old adage “lift with your legs, not your back!” It means pretty much what it says; squat down, while maintaining a straight back, get a good grip, find your center of gravity, and lift with your legs.

Knee Injuries

Just like your back, your knees do a ton of work. There’s no joint in the body that gets more work than your knees. To limit injury, we suggest wearing kneepads and/or braces. They’re not just for athletes or people with pre-existing injuries. Kneepads and braces help you to prevent deterioration of the cartilage and bone in your knee, as well as prevent strain, muscle fatigue, and stress fractures in your bones. Use furniture sliders, too, as they eliminate a lot of the heavy lifting and potential for damage or injury.

Sprained Ankles

In addition to wearing the proper footwear, like work boots or non-slip sneakers to avoid slips or trips, one must be fully aware of their surroundings.  This isn’t as easy as it sounds since most of the items being carried during your move to Dallas obstruct your field of view. Your local Dallas Moving company has the tools and equipment to limit injury to you and your belongings.


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