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What to Pack and What to Donate When You Move to Corpus Christi

You’re getting ready to move to Corpus Christi and you look around, and you begin to freak out about how much stuff you have. Moving is the perfect time to donate and there’s no reason not to! Before you start packing, it’s a good idea to start sorting through your stuff. You get to start fresh, have less clutter and you’re helping others all at the same time. Donating stuff before you move will save you money and time. The more stuff you have, the more packing products you need, so the more expensive it will be. Vice versa, the more stuff you have, the more time you must spend packing and unpacking. The Corpus Christi movers  at All My Sons Moving & Storage are here to tell you what to pack and what to donate when you move to Corpus Christi.

Before you actually take your items to be donated, you have to start decluttering. To start the process of donating, you have to go through all of your stuff. You should create three categories: keep, sell and donate.

Items to keep: The things you absolutely can’t live without. Ask yourself how often you’ve worn or used the item in the past year.

Items to sell: Anything that you don’t need any more and is in good enough condition to be sold at a yard sale or to family and friends. Any items that you think you could get some extra cash for, you should try to sell.

Items to donate: Whatever you can’t donate to friends or sell in a yard sale. The items that should be donated are items that you haven’t used or don’t think you will use in the future.

When you are going through your stuff it’s important to think about what you can realistically take over to your new house. If you are downsizing, you obviously can’t take everything with you. So definitely think about what can fit in your new house, how you are decorating and if you truly need everything. Think about the areas where most of us store things that we don’t use on a daily basis. The perfect example of this is your closet. Next, your garage, den and home office are places often used for storage.

It’s a good idea to go through each room and make a list of the things that will stay and what has to go. Try to keep your list to the absolute essentials.

Everything that you did not decide to donate or sell is coming with you. You should do one last check over all the stuff you decided to keep one last time to make sure you’ll actually use those items. You’ll be so happy knowing you aren’t taking clutter into your new house. It’s a fresh start, so why take all of your extra baggage with you?

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