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Moving to Flour Bluff, Texas with All My Sons Moving & Storage

The dedicated Corpus Christi movers want to welcome you to Flour Bluff, Texas! Relocating to our neighborhood is easier than ever before with the help of All My Sons Moving & Storage. Before our professional Flour Bluff movers help you relocate, we’re sharing a few things you should know beforehand.

How Did Flour Bluff Get Its Name?

You can find our beautiful community at the tip of Corpus Christi Bay. Our neighborhood got its name from an incident in the Pastry War between the French and Mexico. In 1838, Mexico refused to pay its debts to the French people who were living in Mexico at the time. Though Mexican soldiers robbed a French baker’s shop, the Mexican government refused to pay the French. Consequently, the French sent off a fleet of ships off of the coast of Veracruz, Mexico, and declared a blockade of the Mexican ports. Trade between Mexico and the rest of the world stopped as a result. During the war, a Texas militia was dispatched to Corpus Christi Bay to stop smugglers entering into Mexico. Mexicans unexpectedly visited the Bay of Corpus Christi and dropped barrels of flour upon the beach. Thus, the incident during the Pastry War inspired the name Flour Bluff.

Excellent Schools in Flour Bluff

Our outstanding school district is attractive to many families. The professional local Corpus Christi movers share a few of the best schools in Flour Bluff – all conveniently located on Waldron Road.

Primary and Elementary Schools in Flour Bluff

1. Flour Bluff Primary School

For grades 1-2, your kids will attend Flour Bluff Primary School. Over 700 students are enrolled at this school and will receive an excellent primary education. Their staff truly has the students’ best interests at heart.

2. Flour Bluff Elementary School

Your children continue their education at Flour Bluff Elementary School for grades 3-4. They teach almost 800 pupils with a 15:1 student to teacher ratio. The teachers and staff are there to help your kids complete elementary school successfully.

Intermediate and Junior High in Flour Bluff

1. Flour Bluff Intermediate School

Before jumping into junior high, your kids will be among over 800 others in grades 5-6. Their outstanding educators will ensure your kids will are well prepared for junior high, ensuring a great learning environment while learning from top teachers.

2. Flour Bluff Junior High

Almost 900 students are enrolled in Flour Bluff Junior High to prepare them before entering high school. The 17:1 student to teacher ratio is ideal for 7th and 8th graders navigating that tricky time in life between childhood and their teen years. Our Flour Bluff movers are highly impressed with the teachers at this junior high school. They also have wonderful extracurriculars like their basketball and cross-country teams.

High School in Flour Bluff

If you are moving to Flour Bluff with your teenagers, they will most likely attend Flour Bluff High School with roughly 1,900 other students in grades 9-12. Your teenagers will have access to the knowledge of their educators, outstanding extracurricular activities and other resources needed for success. Check out the Hornets’ athletic programs for more information.

Moving Services in Flour Bluff

Moving to Flour Bluff is easier than ever before! With our excellent school district, professional moving company and outstanding amenities, why wouldn’t you want to relocate to zip code 74818! We have over 30 years in the moving industry. Let our family move yours to the beautiful Flour Bluff, Texas. If you need some moving tips and tricks, check out our Corpus Christi moving articles. Then, call us today to receive a free, no-obligation quote from one of our moving specialists. 

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