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Tips for Decluttering Before Your Move

Moving is a project that involves a lot of time and energy. There are ways to make your move easier, and the Corpus Christi movers enjoying sharing our expert moving tips with you—such as these tips for de-cluttering your home. Read on to learn more about downsizing your space for a stress-free and lighter move!

Take it One Room at a Time. It can be overwhelming to look at your house as a whole and everything that needs to be done all at once. Break it down room by room and make the de-cluttering easier on yourself by focusing on one room at a time. Going room by room will also allow you to see progress as you go, rather than making your house a haphazard mess.

Pack Up Everything Important. Get everything you can’t part with and then assess what is left. Moving gives you the ability to de-clutter in reverse, which is an easier way to go through belongings. Odds and ends that you really don’t have a use for, or don’t want to haul and unpack to your next residence, get pitched.

Be Brutal. It’s easy to be passive and avoid tossing items you are fair-weathered about. To get the most out of the moving and de-cluttering experience, you need to be cutthroat. If you don’t have a use for it, and haven’t dug it out of a closet and used it in over a year, it’s time to pass the item on to someone who will actively use and appreciate it.

Consider Future Space. What kind of storage do you have in your new home? Envision a space with minimal to no clutter and a place for everything. Now envision all of your stuff filling that space and then some—it’s not a pretty picture!

Once you decide what will stay and what will go, be responsible about getting the items out of your home. Do not just toss everything in the garbage or into a dumpster—there is plenty of need for gently used items, whether they are clothing or shoes or towels. Shelters and churches collect these items and give them to the less fortunate, putting neglected items to good use. Also, keep in mind the landfill situation throughout the country—there is so much extra “stuff” just sitting in piles of garbage—do not be a contribution to the problem!

Some items may even be sold if they are designer or in mint condition. Research eBay, Craigslist, and other online selling platforms and see if you can make a few dollars off of your old stuff. Alas, there is also a time when tossing items is the only option. Things that are ripped, broken beyond repair, snagged or missing pieces then it belongs in the trash. Be mindful if something is recyclable though—such as an old board game in the cardboard box with plastic pieces. Recyclables should be separated from the rest of the trash and distributed properly.