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How to Sell Your House Fast

When you are ready to leave your home, few things are more frustrating than a house that won’t sell. Here at the Corpus Christi movers, we want to point out tips on how to get your home to sell faster. With a few pointers from us, you should be on your way to selling your old home and moving on with your life in no time.

First, invite a friend over to walk through the home with you as a prospective buyer. Tell them to be brutally honest—is there something that would deter them from buying? Is it too personalized to the old owner—or is it too lifeless? Getting a feel for what you need to change can give you a 1-up on the buyers and the competition.

Invite brokers (about 3) separately to view the home and give you their take on the situation. Go with your gut and who you feel represents your vision and is on a similar page. Before you set a price, get a gauge from each realtor and check comparable homes in the area and what they are running for. Realistically price your home off of these nearby homes for sale.

You should price your home about 15% lower than the average home nearby. This will incite a bidding war, which means the interested buyers will compete for a home that is priced below market value.

Visit open houses and see what people gravitate towards and what they dislike. This is all valuable intel as to how you want to market your own home.  Clutter is always a deterrent—as you see a stack of things you love, others see a pile of junk that needs to go. Be stoic about getting clutter removed from your space.

Wash the windows, take down drapes, and showcase your home’s natural light. Everyone loves natural light, it makes them feel sunny and happy. Clean your house until it is spotless—and be sure to add air fresheners as many people have strong emotions over smell.

Little extras like new cabinet knobs or door handles can go a long way in making something look newer than it is. View your home as one you would be interested in buying and make changes as necessary.