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Restaurant Reservations You Must Make in Kingsville

Regardless of whether or not you are moving to Kingsville, or are a longtime local and just looking for some great new restaurants to become regulars at, these restaurants are definitely worth making reservations for.

  1. Bella Roma. Described as consisitently having “great service and a nice setting for family and friends,” this is one of the few Italian restaurants in Kingsville and will, without a doubt, also become one of your favorite restaurants. They have everything from delicious subs, pizza, pastas, meatballs and so much more.
  2. Marrlot’s. With a dining experience described as transforming “modern American Cuisine dishes into works of art using only the freshest ingredients,” they serve everything from veggie burgers to seafood, to steak and more. If you really love burgers, then try the Double Impact – it is one of the restaurant’s most ordered items.
  3. Blue Ribbon Deli & Coffee Bar. One of the best lunch spots in Kingsville - Blue Ribbon Deli & Coffee Bar is known for their fresh food options. But they also have ice cream, smoothies and delicious coffee. They basically have everything that you could want and more, all at one place.
  4. Cafe 5. With reviews like “Café 5 is a great alterative to the boring burger and buffet fare that makes up the rest of the town’s culinary options,” it’s no wonder that this is the place that most locals choose to frequent most. The menu is a combination of Indian, Mediterranean and Middle Eastern food – along various smoothies offered as well.
  5. CB’s Bar-B-Q. What better place to go to in Texas other than a barbeque place? CB’s Bar-B-Q is known in Kingsville as one of the best places to get amazing, good old fashioned, southern-style barbeque and desserts. The menu has such a large selection, that it looks impossible to choose an item to order! One of the most popular items is the Rich Boy sandwich – which is served on an 8-inch hoagie and loaded with chopped brisket in sauce, sliced brisket and sausage. If you still have room after, (and even if you don’t) then order the peach cobbler for dessert – you won’t be disappointed!
  6. El Dorado Restaurant. A classic Tex-Mex restaurant, it is known for its authentic Mexican flair. A local favorite, at El Dorado you can expect to find consistently satisfying food; but be careful, the food is so good that it will make you want to keep coming back in your sombrero.

Now that you have found some new local restaurants to try, it’s time to focus on packing and moving to Kingsville so you can finally try each and every one of these hidden gems! For all of your relocation needs, let your local Kingsville moving company handle the details – after all, All My Sons Moving & Storage makes sure that they are familiar with the community, so that all you have to worry about is whether or not you want Mexican or Italian for dinner.