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Best Places to Find Packing Supplies in Corpus Christi

If you want to avoid the hassle of searching for packing supplies, look no further than All My Sons! Our Corpus Christi moving company has all the packing supplies you need for your upcoming move. 

We also know moving expenses can add up fast - so why not find some free packing supplies? Our local Corpus Christi moving company has tips on where to find the best free packing supplies in the Corpus Christi area!

Furniture Stores

Local furniture stores are likely the best place to find a wide variety of packing products. Furniture stores usually have an excess of large boxes and packing supplies, including: bubble wrap, Styrofoam and packing paper. These protective packing supplies are good for packing fragile items. Just give your local furniture store a call and speak with the manager. Most stores are happy to set aside these items for you and set up a pick-up time.

Liquor Stores

To find packing supplies in Corpus Christi for your fragile items try your local liquor store. Most liquor, wine and beer bottles are glass, so they must be heavily protected during transit. The packing products these bottles travel in are designed to carry bottles and fragile items, so these materials are perfect for your glassware, dishes and other kitchen items.

Grocery Stores

Similar to furniture stores, grocery stores receive large quantities of boxes and packing materials so frequently. You should call your local grocery store and speak to a manager and ask about the store’s delivery schedule. Store managers are usually always more than happy to set aside the boxes and packing products for you to pick up.

Automotive Body Shops

Car parts and paint are heavy and require sturdy boxes with correct packing supplies. Manufacturers have to be sure that these items are packed securely before shipping them to the body shops. These boxes and packing materials are best for your small electronics and heavier items. Reach out to the body shops or garages in your area to see if they have an extra packing supplies in Corpus Christi.


This option requires a little bit more time and effort. Freecycle is a nonprofit movement that encourages people in the same community to get involved in an exchange of goods. You can post in the group and request some packing supplies in Corpus Christi or you can find an offer from someone looking to get rid of any extra moving boxes or rolls of packing tape they don’t need anymore. You may have to try a few times, but if you plan ahead, you should definitely be able to find some free packing products.


Like Freecycle, Craigslist requires a little bit more patience. Check out the “For Sale” section and then go find the “Free Section” and see if there are any listings for packing supplies in Corpus Christi. If there are any listings, all you have to do is just arrange to pick up the boxes! 

And of course, if you are looking for a Corpus Christi moving company to eliminate the stress from your upcoming move, call All My Sons today and ask about our packing supplies and services!