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The Ultimate Packing Guide for Moving

No one likes to move. In fact, even your Corpus Christi movers know how much it sucks to move, which is why the professional movers at All My Sons are fully equipped to make your move go as seamless as possible. In order to make your move to Corpus Christi a simple one, there is a lot to go over and a lot of angles to cover, such as preparation, packing, labeling and managing inventory, and then (of course) moving in.  Perhaps the biggest aspect that requires the majority of your attention is preparation for your move.

Preparation. Corpus Christi moving companies suggest that you complete all of the following:

- Mail forwarding (change of physical address and any email subscriptions/account addresses).

- Switch over utilities.

- Acquire packing supplies (if you are not hiring a full-service Corpus Christi mover).

- Take measurements: your furniture may fit great in your current home, but may not in your new home. Take measurements in order to make sure that everything will fit. If it does not, consider listing it for sale to accrue some money for your move. With today’s technology, there are computer apps or online sites where you can virtually map out your new home and how your furniture should be placed in it.

- Preparing to hire a moving company: Corpus Christi movers suggest calculating your mileage ahead of time, so that you are prepared for the fuel charge that will most likely be included in your moving estimate. Assess your current residence and any obstacles movers may face, as well as any obstacles at your moving destination, such as flights of stairs or an elevator, because those typically lead to additional charges.

Packing. People tend to hate packing more than anything. In order to make it easier on yourself, pretend that you are packing to go on a very long vacation – because who doesn’t love those? Even if you are hiring a full-service Corpus Christi mover to move practically all of your items, you should still pack a vacation bag of essentials, as well as valuable jewelry and important documents. Here are other ways to tackle packing if you are not hiring a mover for your move to Corpus Christi.

- Sorting.
Everyone has heard that packing room-by-room is the most efficient way to easily pack your home for a move and not feel like it is dreadful, since you can pack one room per day if you choose. Although room-by-room packing is efficient for keeping items organized by room and location for your new home, you may not want to put those items in those particular rooms in your new home. Another great option for packing is sorting. Sort through all of your belongings and pack them according to similar items: linens, electronics, kitchen supplies, home décor, toys, clothing, toiletries, etc.

Labeling and Managing Inventory. Labeling is something that nearly all homeowners do, but inventory is not. Inventory is best done through a computerized program, so if you are selecting a Corpus Christi moving company to move you, make sure that they digitally log your belongings, not just hand-write. If you are doing it yourself, you can use a program like Moving Van on your phone.

Moving In. Clean everything first! Eliminate dust so that you do not get sick and your belongings do not get dirty. Yet again, if you are not hiring a full-service Corpus Christi moving company to unpack your belongings, you will want to eliminate as much clutter as possible until you have completely finished getting settled in. The best way to eliminate clutter is to use the closets in your home (and any other additional storage space) so that your moving boxes are not able to be seen and do not make you stressed.

Regardless of your moving needs, All My Sons Moving & Storage Corpus Christi can either handle the heavy lifting and transportation, or offer you full-service moving options to make your move to Corpus Christi the easiest move you have ever made!