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Moving Terms to Know

When it comes to moving, you need to be prepared. Hiring professional movers is a smart and efficient way to get your move done, but it also involves learning some industry lingo and familiarizing yourself with some of the services. It is also important to understand what is included and what is not. The Rockport movers have compiled a list of terms to know pertaining to your upcoming move.

Accessorial Services: Packing, unpacking, special item moving (such as pianos) are all examples of services that require additional fees.

Advanced Charges: Charges which are incurred by labor aside from the moving company. The moving company pays for these up front and then relays the charges to your bill.

Bill of Lading: The legal term for your moving contract.

Broker: The company that arranges for your cargo to be moved. Brokers handles the business end of the move, they do not carry out the move themselves, and they also do not take liability over the move.

Carrier: The company physically moving your items.

Carrier’s Liability of Damage: The level at which a mover/carrier takes responsibility for damages or loss to your personal items. This is not moving insurance.

CWT: The charge per 100 pounds of material that is moved.

Deadhead: Miles driven in an empty moving truck to pick up cargo or after dropping off a load of goods.

Declared Valuation: A monetary amount you, the customer, must place on your belongings prior to the move.

Elevator Carry: Additional charges that may be racked up if movers have to load and unload items from an elevator.

Force Majure: A clause in the moving contract that removes liability in the instance of a hurricane, earthquake, and other natural disasters that inhibit a smooth and quick move.

Must: A Legal obligation on either the mover or the client.

Overflow: Items left behind when there is no more space in the van which have to loaded at a later time or on a second truck.

Surface Transportation Board: An agency that regulated household goods carrier taxes and tariffs.

Tare Weight: Weight of the van and its contents before your items are placed inside.