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How to Keep Using Your Moving Supplies After Moving to Corpus Christi

Congratulations- you had a successful move to Corpus Christi! We are glad you are here. But now you have piles of moving supplies leftover that you are not sure what to do with. Before you make a big trip to the recycling bin, check out our tips for using your moving supplies and Corpus Christi packing supplies!

Moving Boxes

The moving supplies likely taking up the most space are your boxes. Why not be creative and use them for some extra storage organizers? You can use those boxes to store items like Christmas decorations and Halloween costumes, children’s art projects, food storage, important documents and keepsakes or seasonal clothes.

Did you know that carboard boxes can be used as weed killers? If you break apart the boxes and tear them into flat single layered sections, they will keep the weeds from getting any sunlight and stop their growth. Simply lay the sections on the ground, cover them with mulch and wait for nature to take its course.

Boxes can also be used as a catch-all for liquid and debris from leaks, painting projects, etc. Keep your floors clean and debris free using those annoyingly large moving boxes.

Have you ever purchased a toy for your child or pet and when you give it to them, the box is their favorite part? Well now you have many new toys for your child or pet to keep entertained. You can complete creative projects with your kids to build new toys from the boxes. They’ll love it and it will take care of those boxes taking up space in your home.

You can wrap gifts in moving boxes or add a cardboard backing to a poster to keep it from drooping over time.

Of course, if you want to recycle or give away the boxes, donate to a local charity who may be looking for moving supplies or storage boxes.  

Bubble Wrap

If you had a big move, chances are that a good chunk of your leftover moving supplies is bubble wrap. If you plan to keep the bubble wrap, here are some creative ways to use it in your everyday life.

You can use the bubble wrap at the grocery store to keep your fresh produce from bruising or your glass condiment jars from breaking. The bubble wrap will insulate your fruits and veggies and keep them cool in your car. You can also use the bubble wrap to protect your fruits and veggies in the refrigerator. Wrapping your produce drawer in bubble wrap you can keep your food free from bruises and damage from an overcrowded refrigerator.

Reuse that bubble wrap to cushion mail and packages for fragile items. It never hurts to add an extra layer of bubble wrap to that important package.

If you get chilly in the winter, you can use that bubble wrap to keep your home nice and toasty. Line your windows with bubble wrap at night to insulate your home. You can also use it to trap heat inside greenhouses. You can protect your outdoor potted plants too- line the sides of the pot with bubble wrap before planting your soil and flowers- make sure to leave a hole in the bottom for draining. The bubble wrap layer keeps your plants from dying when the temperature drops.

If you find yourself looking for a quick and easy stress reliever, bubble wrap can help! Popping bubble wrap helps release tension and nerves, so keep it around for that rough day when you need it.

Don’t let those moving supplies go to waste! Your Corpus Christi packing supplies can be reused in many ways to make your life easier.