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Tips for Moving in Together

Moving in with your significant other is a huge milestone in a relationship. It can even be considered a rite of passage in American society. What can you expect when moving in together? Well there is no definite way to answer that question, but the residential movers in Texas can help you to better organize the logistics of your move. Moving in with another person is a progression where two individuals intertwine their lives while keeping their individualities intact. Below, residential movers in Texas have put together some tips for those who are moving in together.

A critical key to moving in with your significant other, or any one for that matter, is to take inventory. When moving to a new place, the last thing you want is to overcrowd your new space with unnecessary furniture and clutter. It is also important to remember to be fair during this part of the process. Most people develop attachment and connect sentimental values to their possessions, so remember to be understanding.

Also, keep in mind that furniture is a large investment. Whether you are buying new furniture together or using old furniture, think of what will work best in your new home. Furniture does not need to be just decorative, if you are moving into a place with limited space, consider keeping the ottoman that has a cubby in it. If you opt to purchase furniture together, consider each of your unique tastes. This is our opportunity to truly blend your personalities and create unique home décor that fits your lives. After all, the residential movers in Texas know that it is much easier to move without furniture - it is also a lot less to carry!

Closets can be a hot topic when moving in together. If you are limited on closet space, share it evenly. This is a home for the both of you and should feel that way at all times. The last thing you want is for your significant other to feel like a guest in their own home. Check out creative storage options to optimize the space you have.

Bathrooms can be small and usually require the most creative solutions to make the most of the space. Do not concern yourself so much with the aesthetics, but rather make sure the home suits both of your needs. If he needs a place for his beard trimming kit and you need a spot for makeup, work together to find a storage unit that can host all your items harmoniously.

Moving in with someone is a huge difference from seeing them occasionally, or even every day. The residential movers in Texas recommend finding a nook or small area of your home to convert to a relaxing “alone time” area. Feel free to engage in things you each like to do without needing to be next to each other at all times.

The final tip for moving in together from the residential movers in Texas is to spring for the bigger bed! Purchase the biggest bed you can afford, whether it is a queen or a king, the extra space will make all the difference as time goes on. The local movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage agree that it is nice to have your personal space.