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Moving During the Summer in Corpus Christi

Anyone that has ever been in Corpus Christi during the summer know how incredibly hot it can get. It gets so hot that wearing certain colored shirts is out of question. You are guaranteed to sweat, and it isn’t pretty. So why would someone want to move in the peak season for blood boiling temperatures you ask? Because summer is the time to move. Even though it is miserably hot outside in most parts of the country, summertime is when the most moves happen. It probably has something to do with the school year ending and having a few month long break, seasonal jobs, the list goes on. If you have any say about when to move, your best bet is during the summer.

Moving during the winter might seem better than moving during the summer, but it isn’t too much fun when your nose doesn’t stop running and your fingers are icicles. At lease when you’re hot and sweaty you are number one, able to feel all of your extremities, and number two, getting more of a work out. Think of the countless calories you’ll burn in the hundred degree weather that is Corpus Christi.

Summer is the season for many things. Garage sales, real estate, marriages, moves, summer is when things are busy. Summer being garage sale season happening to coincide with your move is perfect. Now that you know it is peak garage sale time, you can get a little bit of extra cash for those things you didn’t want to take with you. On top of that, summertime is when houses really start to sell. Considering you were already planning on moving, it’s just the right time to sell your house. Marriage season means new home owner season. Considering that summer is the peak wedding season, it makes sense that all those married people are looking to move after their wedding, hence creating the prime time to join in the mass migration that is summer.

And then there is school. If you have kids, summer is one of the few time that you can really move without interrupting their educational career. Any other point in the year would cause some kind of conflict, and who wants to do that when education is involved? And, a lot of the recent high school graduates are joining in on the summer migration when they go off to college.

Sure, sweating incessantly and moving a bunch of heavy stuff isn’t necessarily an appealing thought when you factor in the South Texas summer heat, but when it’s prime time to move to Corpus Christi, it is prime time to move.