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Best Neighborhood and House Hunting Calculating Tools

If you are currently house hunting, there may be some aspects to choosing the right home that you are unaware of. Corpus Christi moving companies have been moving families for over twenty years, and can offer some resources to finding the perfect neighborhood that you can spend your entire life in.

When searching for a home to buy, you need to take into consideration the area. You will want to purchase a home in an area that will be good for any lifestyle changes such as children, will be safe for you and your family, and will also be an appealing area for home buyers if you decide to sell your home in the future.  There are multiple resources for finding the right neighborhood.

AreaConnect.com can give you insight on crime rate in the neighborhoods that you are house hunting in. It can also let you know the neighborhoods that have the lowest crime rate in that area. It compares crime rates to the FBI records and measures them up against the national averages, so that you can see how that neighborhood or city measures up compared to others.

The top tools for comparing neighborhoods are: Neighborhood Scout, Area Vibes, Walk Score, and even Trulia.

Neighborhood Scout can give you an overview of a neighborhood that you are house hunting in, and compare it to the neighborhood that you currently reside in. This app essentially has everything that a family would want to know when house hunting in an area. It can show you crime rates, crime rates of neighboring cities or neighborhoods, and give school ratings. However, Neighborhood Scout can cost you $40 a month, so it is best to use it, take notes, and then cancel your subscription once you have selected a neighborhood.

Area Vibes is very similar to Neighborhood Scout, but it also includes weather patterns for the area you search for.

Walk Score is an extremely great tool to use if you are into walking or biking through your neighborhood and to nearby restaurants. Walk Score will provide you with a ranking for the town or neighborhood that you are house hunting in. It will show you what neighborhoods have the highest rankings, and it useful if you are looking for a town that has everything close by.

Trulia is a house hunting app and website where, once you use one of the tools above to select a neighborhood, you can see the listings in those neighborhoods. You can tour through pictures, get an overall rating of schools and crime rates, and get an estimate at what your taxes and mortgage will be, and background information on the listing.

For a resource that will solely give you the best information on schools in an area, GreatSchools.net is a resource that families who are moving will fall in love with. Parents can get statistics on schools’ average test scores, teacher / student ratios, and see teacher’s experience.

If you are moving to Corpus Christi and want a tool that will evaluate a neighborhood in its entirety, Sperling’s Best Places can give you commentary on any area that you search for, and compare two neighborhoods that you may be considering.

Although there are plenty of moving calculating tools online, most are not accurate. For an accurate moving quote, contact All My Sons of Corpus Christi and ask about all of our moving services.