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Home Repair Don’ts from the Corpus Christi Movers

When you get the itch to renovate parts of your home, there are a couple of things to keep in mind as what NOT to do. While some home repairs and renovations are totally safe, some things should be avoided and some tasks require the expertise of a professional. The Corpus Christi movers have a few tips on things not to do when performing home improvements.

DON’T forget safety. “Better safe than sorry” is a mantra for a reason. Wearing protective items like safety goggles is essential to protecting your precious eyes and being aware of how much voltage you are using or loading onto an outlet are not to be forgotten. Play it safe and protect your home.

DON’T take shortcuts. Do a job and do it right! Skimping on the paint when repainting your home or skipping important steps like the primer will show in your work, so don’t succumb to temptation! Take the extra time and spend the extra money to do the job the way that it is meant to be done.  The only time that primer can be skipped is if you are painting latex over latex and the colors are similar.

DON’T try to do electrical work. Electrical work is an area of DIY home work that is always discouraged. Hire a professional and licensed electrician to reinstall wiring and do other electrical work. Never let anyone without a license perform this work! Ditto for plumbers, they need to be licensed and should not be working on your home otherwise.

DON’T forget to consider updates. One of the easiest updates to do when remodeling your home is switching your HVAC to a ductless HVAC system. This is great because you don’t have to install or redo any duct work which will save time and energy.

DON’T ignore permits. For some renovations you need to get building permits. Avoiding this process could lead to hefty fines or even result in problems when it comes time to sell your house. Research the rules and codes for building in your area before you alter a thing.

Good luck on your remodeling efforts and remember, doing the jobs right the first time will be worth it in the end, so do not fall victim to these don’ts!