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Add Personality to Each Room of Your Home

Decorating your home is a fun and exciting process, and some even say that it’s a process that never truly ends. Rooms can continue to evolve and shopping excursions and vacations can result in unique décor items that add certain flair to your space. We want to help you bring out the unique beauty in your Corpus Christi home, so here are some tips we compiled to help you create a home that is a direct reflection of you, your taste, and your personality.

Bold colors aren’t the only way to make a statement. Consider yourself drawn to neutral colors? Enliven a neutral palette with a variety of textures. Incorporating and layering shades of natural colors and neutrals can be an extremely efficient way to bring a level of depth to your space without bringing in a distracting color that is out of character for you.

Storage is key. Ever been to IKEA? They specialize in making the most of small spaces and creating a space for everything, even when the space is 3oo square feet. It is a lesson in organizing that is inspiring for homeowners and decorators alike! Mix in functional furniture with hidden storage and use vertical space to provide storage without being cumbersome or overwhelming.

Make odd spaces seem balanced. Even the most awkward shaped areas can benefit from the right décor, and it becomes a fun challenge to make these areas symmetrical. Use beautiful furniture directly across from awkward corners to attract the attention to the right place, not the areas you have no control over.

Embrace paint. The right paint can truly transform a room, and it is often a decorating job that requires a weekend of efforts if you choose to do it yourself. Color can enhance the size of a room, set a mood, bring a color palette together, and much more.

Utilize every square foot. Moving into a new Corpus Christi home gives you the clean slate to fill spaces how you see fit—but browse images online first. See how you can use a space to its maximum benefit.

There you have it—a few easy ways to take your home from blasé to beautiful—have fun on the journey of decorating your new home! And remember, it’s a job that is never over, so don’t feel frustrated if you never feel like it is quite right, eventually it will get there.