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Easy Home Repairs That Will Save You Money

Here at the Corpus Christi movers, we know that your home is a big investment. With that in mind, we want to make sure that you save money where possible while still keeping your home in great shape. We’ve compiled a list of some easy home repairs that you can perform to cut home expenses. Read on to learn more.

Fix Leaky Faucets. Water dripping from the bathroom or kitchen is not to be ignored. Leaky faucets are costing you more money than you likely realize, not to mention wasting valuable resources. The average leaky faucet leaks 30 drips per minute, which is literally just money going down the drain! Calling a plumber isn’t exactly cheap either, but you can pick up a washer and with some basic plumbing knowledge you can do it yourself.

Old Caulking. Bathrooms are supposed to be re-caulked every 3 to 5 years, because in that span of time caulking deteriorates and leaves your home susceptible to potential health hazards and costly repairs. Performing this simple and inexpensive repair will protect your walls and floors from mold and other rotting.

Door Knob and Lock Replacements. If you really think about it, door knobs are one of the most frequently used items in your home. Loose door knobs result in difficulty opening doors, which can damage door frames and even result in warped wood. Simply tightening the screws and putting liquid graphite in the keyhole can help you to keep the door knob and lock functioning the way that they are meant to.

Clean Out Gutters and Drains. Backed up drains are a common occurrence in homes, and when gutters and downspouts are clogged up, water builds up and your roof is susceptible to roof damage. Leaks can also occur when water is collecting on the roof. Clean out gutters and drains to ensure water is flowing properly away from your home.

Clean Off Air Filters. Air conditioners run more efficiently when filters are clean and allow air to flow freely. Cleaning the air filters is an essential step in prolonging the life of your air conditioner too, because clogged filters mean your machine has to work harder. Clean or change filters monthly to ensure max air flow.