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Common Decorating Budget Problems

If you are moving to Corpus Christi on a budget, avoid these common ways that people blow through their bank accounts, by following All My Sons of Corpus Christi’s stay-on-budget tips:

1. Maintain your self-control. The most common reason for going over budget is getting wrapped up in the excitement of decorating, you start to buy things that you do not need and are not in your plans. You have to try to maintain sensibility at all costs…literally.

2. Do not make changes to the plan after the work has commenced. Unless a change can end up SAVING you money, stay away from it. It is difficult to plan and plan over and over to make sure that you will not want to change anything once the work has begun; however, try your best to stick with the plans that you have laid out. Even if the work has started and you may like something different, if the change is going to mean more money then try to be satisfied with your original plan. A side tip to this: make sure that you have a well thought out plan. Don’t go tearing down walls without knowing what you are going to do afterwards. Break the project up into stages and break down the materials needed per stage, and the costs that are associated with each stage.

3. Materials can increase in price so research when they are typically lower and buy them then, even if it is months out from your project’s start date. For example: if you are building a deck, lumber can cost more some months than other months, doubling the price of your build if you do not pay attention to the pricing trends. Find out when prices are low and buy materials then.

4. Plan for unexpected surprises. Sometimes, you may think that there is beautiful hardwood flooring underneath carpet and then you pull it up to find plywood or termite damage. If you run into an unexpected fix, determine its cost and make that repair. If you end up not being able to complete your project because of an unexpected cost, it is okay, you can put it off until you can save the money to finish. It is best to wait to complete a project than continue and end up spending double your budget.

5. Do not hire poor workers or unaccredited workers. The phrase “you get what you pay for” is not a myth. If you spend the money hiring good, accredited workers to begin with, you can save yourself from hiring someone who does a poor quality job and then having to hire the more expensive workers on top of it in order to fix their mistakes.  Another tip when hiring workers: get everything in writing! If they give you an estimate make sure that they write it down and sign it. You do not want to hire someone who cannot give you a written estimate that means that they are likely to increase the cost along the way and you will end up being taken advantage of. Put your foot down once they set a price and stick to it.

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