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How to Clean Your Kitchen with Compost

Did you know that you can polish your silverware with cucumbers? How about eliminate rust with potato peels? And get rid of any unrelenting odors in your refrigerator with green tea bags? Well, little do you know that there are a whole slew of foods that you can find in your kitchen that can also double as a great way to clean your kitchen.

Gone are the days of spending excessive amounts of money on expensive cleaning products that do not always get the job done. Check out these seven hacks for cleaning with food, from your local Corpus Christi movers and watch your cleaning experience get a little bit easier – and less expensive!

  1. Grapefruit. Just mix this fruit with a little bit of salt and watch stains magically disappear. It works magic on hard to clean grime that you are having trouble getting out of everywhere from ovens to kitchen counters. Try this hack and see how much money you save on cleaning products!
  2. Potato Peels. Do you have a never ending rust problem that you just cannot seem to get rid of? Well then, discover how useful using old potato peels are. All you need is a peeled potato to dip into baking soda and watch that unwanted rust disappear with just a little scrubbing.
  3. Orange Peels. Widely known as a natural all-purpose cleaner – they double as a laundry detergent as well. Use this on any surface, this trick literally works on everything!
  4. Green Tea. Do you keep finding yourself opening up your refrigerator only to be greeted with a waft of a smell that is the opposite of fresh? Just place green tea bags in the door of your refrigerator and it will get rid of any powerful smell that keeps lingering.
  5. Cream of Tartar. How frustrating is it to pull out your freshly cleaned aluminum utensils after washing them in the dishwasher – only to take a closer look at them and notice all of the grayish residue that is left over. That is where cream of tartar comes in – it makes for the perfect polish on all silverware.
  6. Cucumber. Another great way to polish silverware with unwanted marks that refuse to go away - use cucumbers as a natural polishing alternative to more expensive polish options. Not only that, but it is great for eliminating marks on your walls.
  7. Ketchup. Yet another kind of natural polish that you can find in your own kitchen, ketchup acts as a fantastic way to polish and brighten up everything from pots, pans and bowls. This hack works especially well on copper – the acidity in the ketchup was made to add extra shine to copper’s surface.