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Items Worth Taking up Storage Space in Your New Home

Of course when using Murfreesboro movers to get settled into a new home, you want to try to get rid of as much stuff that you don’t need as possible. But what about the stuff that you actually do need?

There are some items that you actually do want to have extras of, even if they take up additional storage space. All My Sons Moving & Storage knows that you will be thanking yourself later after you stock up on these items worth taking up storage space in your new home.

Toilet Paper

You will thank yourself later when you go to reach for the toilet paper and there is none left – only to remember that you have a Costco-sized amount in the bathroom closet. Especially for those families with a lot of kids, stocking up on toilet paper will be one less thing to have to worry about dealing with.

Bed Sheets

Have you ever had a last minute guest come and stay in your home, or have your kids decided they wanted to do an impromptu sleepover with some neighborhood friends? If you have, then chances are you had wished that you had an extra sheet set handy. This will especially become useful when you are too tired to do the laundry, or if you accidentally spill something on your other sheets.

Extra Gifts

If you get invited to a last minute party, or simply do not have time to run out and buy gifts every time one of your kid’s best friends has another birthday party, then keeping generic gifts on hand are definitely worth taking up storage space in your new home. Murfreesboro movers suggest that while you are at it, keep a supply of cards for all occasions as well and you will never have to worry about showing up somewhere unprepared.

Backup Supplies

What if the power goes out in your Murfreesboro home? Or if you forgot to pack some of your home essentials in your Murfreesboro moving company boxes? And if one of your kids scrapes their knee? Stocking up on backup supplies such as a flashlight, scissors, a first aid kit, batteries, water, and anything that you think you might need in a sticky situation is well worth taking up storage space in your new home.

Paint Cans

One of the most frustrating situations is when you go to touch-up a nick on your wall only to discover that not only do you not have extra paint on hand – but you cannot find the same paint color anywhere. Avoid this painting nightmare by keeping extra paint in your wall color on hand for future repairs.