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Time for Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning is both a tedious and yet glorious task. The feeling of a clean and sparkling home is unbeatable; however, the process of having a sparkling home can be very unpleasant. If you are a person that loves cleaning, and spring cleaning is your favorite time of the year, then kudos to you my friend! The local movers in Murfreesboro know that spring cleaning is not fun but is very important to reduce allergens, illness causing germs, and just an overall healthy tradition. To help make this year’s spring cleaning a bit easier, the local movers in Murfreesboro have put together a cleaning checklist.


1. Windows – cleaning the outside of your windows is a chore rarely ever performed, so why not go all out for spring cleaning? Cleaning the exterior of your windows will help remove any smudges or spots and let you enjoy the spring time nature outside.

2. Patio furniture is often forgotten when the cleaning bucket comes out, but once in a while it is a necessary chore. Get your outdoor furniture spruced up in time for spring and summer outdoor entertaining.


1. Stainless Steel is a common surface in kitchens, and lately even in other furniture fixtures throughout your home. For spring cleaning, get your stainless-steel sparkling again.

2. Dishwasher – is not going to clean itself! Dishwashers need some TLC as well, get yours in tip top cleaning condition again by giving it a special cleaning. Although this is to be done for spring cleaning, the local movers in Murfreesboro, recommend running your dishwasher empty using special detergent made for the dishwasher about once a month.

3. The oven is typically used very frequently and if not kept clean, can cause a fire in your home. This year for spring cleaning, really get in there and take out any food particles that may have fallen. All My Sons Moving & Storage suggests using a specialty oven cleaner to wipe away any grease and stuck on foods!