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Spend Spring Break in Murfreesboro

After moving to Murfreesboro, it may take a while for you to become acquainted with the city, as well as fun kid friendly activities in the nearby area. Not to mention, looking for things to do during spring break in Murfreesboro can be a bit difficult at times, given Tennessee’s habit of unpredictable weather. As a parent, you know that having ideas of what do during spring break in Murfreesboro, and especially a backup plan, is always a good idea. For this spring break, our Murfreesboro movers put together a list of things you can do with your kids, rain or shine.

5. Take your kids out for a relaxing day by the lake, complete with lunch, snack, drinks, and the full nine yards! If it is sunny out, your kids will enjoy the sunshine and fresh air, plus it will get them running around to use up all that energy kids have!

4. Head to the zoo. Most kids love animals and zoos and on a beautiful day in spring who wouldn’t want to be outside.

3. For those cloudier days, perhaps a roller-skating rink will do the trick. This spring break in Murfreesboro, let your kids sharpen up their skating skills at the rink. Roller rinks usually have designated open skate times, so it is best to call ahead and confirm a time before heading over.

2. Movies are always a go-to. If there is a new movie that your kids are eager to see, treat them to some popcorn and a flick!

1. Moving to Murfreesboro can be a big change for kids, but showing them all that Tennessee has to offer can really make the transition a bit easier. Take your kids out to Juro Stables for some “horsing around” – pun intended. All My Sons Moving & Storage says you and the kids can enjoy a fun trial ride on horseback!