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Prepping and Packing Timeline

It’s never easy preparing for a big move, and it can definitely be challenging. You can do things to make it easier for yourself so that you don’t feel overwhelmed. The best thing you can do is not wait until the week before to start. We know it happens to the best of us, but if you follow our two-month schedule, you can ensure that your belongings will be completely packed by moving day!

First things first, create a list and a timeline for yourself. Write it down- we promise you, you will forget something. No matter how good your memory is, it happens. A moving checklist will help you budget your time in the best way possible and that alone is the first step in preventing the buildup of stress. This checklist will also help you prioritize which jobs are more important so that you can take care of them first.

Now that it’s officially two months out, you should decide whether you’re going to hire professional movers in Murfreesboro or move on your own. If you do decide to hire a moving company, you should do extensive research to ensure that you are working with a reputable company. When you start getting quotes from moving companies, get written estimates. Writing goes a long way and you will then be able to compare the offered prices and packing services carefully.

Six weeks prior to moving day, you should start preparing your medical records. Go to the doctor and get copies of all of your records and do the same for any children or pets. At this point, you should definitely look into changing your address. There are a lot of people who need to be aware of this change. These people include: credit card companies, government agencies and the United States Postal Service.

If you’re planning on not using the packing services provided by a moving company, you should start the packing process now. You should also contact your friends and family to see if they can be there for you on moving day. The earlier you ask people for help, the more willing they will be to help you. At this point, you should start gathering packing supplies. Your local Murfreesboro moving company has them for sale, and you can trust that you are getting quality packing supplies. Start packing up room by room and label as you go. Write this down in your timeline, so you don’t forget.

With only two weeks to go until moving day, you should contact your chosen moving company (if you’ve chosen to go this route) and make sure everything is going according to plan. Spend some time thinking about how you’re going to pack your valuables and keep packing according to your timeline.

Your last week should be spent tying up any loose ends. You should do the things like check and pay any remaining bills and return anything you may have borrowed from the library.

The night before moving day, go to bed early, charge your phone and try to rest up before an eventful day. You should get up early, and if you’ve chosen to use packing services, you should greet your movers and show them around. Hopefully you’ve made arrangements for the kids and pets so that they aren’t at the center of all the chaos. Once everything is loaded onto the moving truck, do one last walk through of your place to make sure nothing is getting left behind.