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Moving Insurance 101

Beginner’s Guide to Moving Insurance

Perhaps the most stressful part of any moving experience is being separated from your belongings as it gets transported to your new place. Even if all safety precautions were taken and your items could be securely packed and loaded, accidents can still happen. Fortunately, moving insurance can give you peace of mind. When you buy moving insurance, should your belongings or residence suffer damage during a move, you’ll be covered. Our Murfreesboro full-service movers answer common questions about moving insurance below.

What Insurance Should Movers Have?

There are multiple types of moving insurance available. The most basic liability coverage is the one that licensed moving companies are required to provide called Basic Limited Liability Protection or Released Value Protection. Your Murfreesboro local movers are legally required to offer $0.30/lb of moving insurance for local movers and $0.60/lb of insurance for interstate and long-distance moves.

The maximum amount your movers can reimburse you is $2,500. This moving insurance is usually inadequate because your belongings typically weigh less and are worth more.

Types of Moving Insurance

There are other alternatives to consider when you buy moving insurance like full coverage and total loss insurance.

What is Full Replacement Value Coverage?

You’ll have to pay extra for Full Replacement Value Coverage moving insurance, but our Shelbyville movers believe it’s worth it. In the event any of your items get broken or lost during your move, your insurer will be responsible for the cost of repairing and replacing them. If you’d rather receive a settlement for the damages, your insurer will have to offer a fair market value cash settlement.

If you buy moving insurance, be sure to document and take photographs of your belongings before the move. Should you ever need to, you’ll use that evidence to prove the damage or loss was directly caused by the mover. Another important point to remember, movers, aren’t responsible for boxes they didn’t pack. So, take advantage of the packing services offered by your Murfreesboro movers.

What is Total Loss Only Insurance? 

Do you want to protect yourself from worst-case scenarios? Then purchasing Total Loss Only moving insurance policy is your best move. When you buy moving insurance, insurers are responsible for covering damages and losses only if all your belongings are lost or damaged beyond repair. Our All My Sons Moving & Storage, Walterhill packers say, “Total Loss moving insurance is a cheaper option that still can provide you peace of mind during your move. It is considered, in our opinion, the best moving insurance to ensure your belongings are safe and protected.”

Should I Buy Moving Insurance?

The decision to purchase moving insurance will come down to what is right for you and your specific moving needs. You may decide that the Basic Limited Liability Protection insurance that comes with your moving estimate is enough coverage for you. If you are transporting more valuable items, like high-cost appliances or antique furniture, you may want to go for more coverage. Regardless of your choice, having the peace of mind moving insurance provides you is worth it.

All My Sons Murfreesboro Full-Service Movers

Access to moving insurance is one of the greatest perks of working with our professional Murfreesboro movers. Trust our Murfreesboro full-service movers to handle every aspect of your residential or commercial move and give you a stress-free moving experience. We’ll ensure the safe and secure packing and delivery of your items, and should an accident occur, we’ll make sure you’re properly compensated.