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Moving to Murfreesboro in the Rain

With your moving day fast approaching, life may be flying by as you’re trying to wrap up relocation tasks. Such tasks may include finalizing any last-minute payments on your new home, scheduling installation of a new home security system, updating your address with an array of important organizations, and so on. Nonetheless, amidst the flurry of task completion, you check the weather forecast just days before the day of your move. At first, you may think this will throw a wrench in your plans, but with the help of our Murfreesboro movers, we discuss helpful tips on moving in the rain.


Choose Plastic

Normally, we wouldn’t recommend the use of plastic for the sake of the environment, however, when moving in the rain, using cardboard boxes isn’t ideal. Instead of using cardboard boxes that can get soggy in the rain, opt for plastic storage bins to keep your valuables dry. For an extra layer of protection, you can pack your belongings like electronics and heirlooms in a heavy duty garbage bag to fit in the plastic bin.


If finding waterproof packing supplies is too time-consuming, you can always opt for our Murfreesboro packing services as we take the tedious task of packing off your hands. With rainy weather in mind, our Tennessee movers will take extra care to secure and protect your belongings to prevent them from getting damaged.


Shorten Distance to Front Door

When moving in the rain, it’s important to reduce the distance between the front door and the truck or van you are using to transport your belongings. Tracking moisture inside can cause slips and falls as well as a messy house you’ll have to clean. Move as many storage bins as possible to the front door to not only prevent injuries but to make moving out that much quicker. If you have a garage, it’s even better to leave all your packed items there since you’re not as likely to injure yourself while carrying out your belongings.


Create a Cover

Creating a temporary cover along the path from the front door to the moving truck can reduce the chances of excess moisture accumulating on the plastic bins. Set up a tent either over the back of the moving truck or a hanging tarp over the path to reduce your chances of getting the storage bins wet.


Dry Off

Keep a small pile of old towels close by to dry yourself off throughout the process. Take some of these towels to lay down on the floor of the moving truck to soak up any moisture and prevent your belongings from sliding around inside.


Let Our Tennessee Moving Company Lend You a Hand

When you hire our Murfreesboro movers to get you from point A to point B, you can expect quality care you won’t find anywhere else. For over twenty years, our Murfreesboro moving company has helped families and businesses relocate across the nation, giving us the experience you’re looking for in a reliable mover. Call us today for your free moving quote!