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Moving Hacks That Will Make Your Life Easier

Imagine a world where you won’t loathe having to pack your 20th moving box, or where your move actually goes as expected. Well, with All My Sons Moving & Storage, this world actually exists! Regardless of whether or not you are excited for your upcoming move, your Murfreesboro moving company will be showing up to load all of your belongings on their moving truck.

Moving day is typically associated with stress and as something to not look forward to. This is simply because you have not yet discovered these simple moving hacks that will make your life easier. Before you know it, dreading moving day will be a thing of the past!

Use your time wisely. Why repack all of your belongings when they are already packed where they are? Instead of emptying your dresser drawers out, simply wrap saran wrap around them and then call it a day – all of your clothes are already safely packed inside your dresser for you and ready to go – no packing or unpacking needed!

Save the constant frustration. We all have the same problem when it comes to using duct tape, regardless of whether or not you are experienced Murfreesboro movers or first-time homeowners – easily trying to find the edge where the tape begins. In order to avoid having the same dilemma every time you go to grab a new piece of tape, use a toothpick or a safety pin to mark the end of where your packing tape is.

Use what you have. Why not use some of your articles of clothing as packing material? Socks serve as the perfect protectors for glasses and other cylinder-shaped dishware. Don’t just limit your household packing materials to socks, you can use anything from your towels, linens, and blankets as packing material that will protect your belongings and save you money on bubble wrap at the same time!

Label everything. Your Murfreesboro moving company knows better than anyone that your electronic cords all look the same once they are thrown in a pile together. Save yourself the struggle and frustration of trying to figure out which cord goes where by wrapping a piece of duct tape around each cord and labeling it with what piece of equipment it belongs to.

Play it safe. In order to avoid an accident, make sure all of your sharp objects are safely wrapped up. Kill two birds with one stone in terms of packing by putting your knives inside your potholders so no one ends up cutting themselves.