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Moving to Murfreesboro During the Holidays

Moving during the holidays can be stressful. Between all of the packing, leaving friends and family, and getting used to new surroundings, holidays in a new house can seem more of a drag than jolly. All My Sons Moving & Storage of Murfreesboro has a few tricks that can help beat those winter blues, however. As premier, full-service movers who strive for customer satisfaction, we want your move to Murfreesboro to be an enjoyable experience even when moving during the busy holiday season.

-          Play Cheerful Holiday Music - It’s hard to be in a bad mood when listening to Christmas carols or other upbeat holiday music. Play uplifting seasonal music while unpacking from your move to Murfreesboro to put a little pep in your step and make moving into your new home a more joyful experience.


-          Decorate with Familiar and Sentimental Holiday Décor – Even if you haven’t finished unpacking, take some time to place Christmas or holiday decorations you used in your old house around your new home. This will give you and your family a sense of familiarity after moving to Murfreesboro and make the transition into your new home during the holidays easier. Also consider putting up decorations that have been in your family for some time and hold sentimental value. Sparking happy memories of family will help you and your loved ones start to feel at home in Murfreesboro. 


-          Explore Your New Town – It’s okay to let go of old traditions to make room for new ones. Whether it’s walking through your neighborhood to take in the holiday lights with your family or trying a new restaurant, take a break from unpacking from your move to Murfreesboro and see what your new city has to offer during the holidays. Repeat these activities year after year to build fond memories of living in Murfreesboro.


-          Use Traditional Family Recipes – If you can’t be with family during the holidays after making a move to Murfreesboro, cook a holiday dinner for new friends using those old family recipes your mom gave you. Guests will swoon over the delicious meal, while bringing back pleasant memories for you.


-          Phone Friends and Family – If the holiday season has you missing friends and family after moving to Murfreesboro, call them up and tell them. It’s likely they will understand and know just the right things to say to make you feel better. Make an effort to pick up the phone and call loved ones rather than sending text messages to help bridge the gap you may be feeling between you and them.


-          Invite New Friends Over – Forming new friendships is a great way to settle into a new city and make you feel at home after moving. Invite these new friends over for a small holiday party and you’ll be surprised how quickly your mood can change from missing family to being grateful to have met such wonderful people so soon after moving to Murfreesboro.