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Hosting a Housewarming Party After Moving to Murfreesboro

Moving boxes are unpacked, furniture is placed exactly where you want it, and you are finally settled in to your new home after moving to Murfreesboro. It’s now time to have friends and family over and expand your social circle by hosting a house warming party! To help you plan, All My Sons Moving & Storage of Murfreesboro has some ideas for the ultimate house warming party that will have guests feeling more than welcome in your new home.

1. Serve Finger Foods – The easier it is for guests to get their hands on bite-size foods, the more likely they will be to mingle. Encourage old friends to converse with new neighbors after moving to Murfreesboro by serving up finger foods on passed platters such as pigs-in-a-blanket or bacon-wrapped scallops. You can also serve pieces of fruit in individualized cups and a wide-variety of rolled up meats and cheeses that are easy to handle.

2. Make it a Themed Party – Especially if you are moving to Murfreesboro during the holidays, center your housewarming party on a particular theme such as an ugly sweater party. Theme parties spark conversation, which is important when getting guests together that may not know each other.

3. Invite friends of guests – Encourage your guests to bring their friends, if you are having a housewarming party in the hopes of meeting new people after making a move to Murfreesboro. This will increase your chances of meeting those you have common interests with and forming friendships with them.

4. Encourage Neighbors to Bring Their Children – If you are moving to Murfreesboro with your kids, help them make friends in your new neighborhood by inviting neighbors and their families. Children can have a hard time making new friends after a move because they miss their old friends in their old neighborhood or school. Let them know it is okay to build new friendships by introducing them to kids in the area that are around the same age.

5. Have Background Music – Having new friends and neighbors over for a housewarming party may result in lulls in the conversation, which is normal when guests don’t really know each other yet. Remove the awkwardness of these moments and always have upbeat music playing in the background. Music relieves tension and makes guests feel more comfortable talking (or not talking) in smaller groups of people. You may even get an unsuspected dancer shaking things up in your living room, if you play the right song!

6. Give Individual House Tours – Our local Murfreesboro movers are sure your new home looks amazing, but some party guests may not be interested in a grandiose tour. Instead offer quick, individual house tours to better gauge how much time to spend in each room depending on your guest’s attentiveness. This will also give you more one-on-one time with your party guests.

7. Hand Out Party Favors – Give your guests something to remember your new address by. Print tags with your address on them and tie them to treat bags filled with something tasty. Our Murfreesboro movers agree your party guests will probably want it in order to send you a ‘thank you’ for throwing such a great housewarming party.