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5 Steps to Get a Job Cross Country

America has countless major cities, ripe with opportunity for careers, friendships, and romance. For those that find themselves longing to experience life in a new city, the idea of moving cross country without a job can be disheartening.

The dream of packing up and making the geographic leap to a new place can be easily crushed by the realization that moving without a job can sometimes leave you cross country without any financial security.  If you are moving to Murfreesboro and want to make sure you can secure a job before hand, follow this guide from the professional movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage to get a job cross country.

  1. Pick a city, and see if it has businesses centered around your niche or your preferred field. Then, change your LinkedIn location to this city, and start sending out resumes and applications. This is a great way to open dialogue with companies in the area.


  2. You could look like a great candidate to a potential employer, but if they read that you don’t live in the same area as the job, they may dismiss your application without much consideration. Change the address on your resume and state your intentions to move in your cover letter. List the expected arrival date, such as “Moving to Murfreesboro in February of 2017” so the employer knows to consider you for the position.


  3. Be flexible. If an employer is willing to consider you for the position, it becomes your responsibility to be flexible when it comes to interviews and keeping up with contact. This includes odd hour phone calls, Skype sessions, over the phone interviews, or even a flight to your soon to be city. It is acceptable to ask your interviewer if you are being seriously considered for the position before flying a long distance for an interview.


  4. Do your research.  Use various internet platforms to establish connections with local professionals, and conduct some research. As with any job, it benefits to know about the company before you interview with them. An employer may feel you’re just trying to find any job in Murfreesboro, but do yourself a favor: Engage in a little bit of networking and research your company, your company’s mission, affiliated companies and even their competitors so you can actively contribute to the conversation.


  5. Have a story. Your prospective employer will most likely ask you why you’re moving, and might be worried you’ll back out or that you’re someone who moves constantly. If you want to get a job cross country, you can use this opportunity to express your roots and connections to the city and show your future boss that you are determined to move there not just for a job but for the long haul.

Use these 5 steps to get a job cross country, then call your long distance movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage to make your move easy!