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How to Get Your Deposit Back as You Move Out

As the days lead up to your move-out date, you may be looking forward to getting your security deposit back from your landlord or your community’s management office. It’s like having money in a savings that you’re expecting to take out. However, you may be unsure how to go about getting your security deposit back. As you hire our Tennessee movers, you’ll have more time to make sure all your “I’s” are dotted and “T’s” are crossed to receive your security deposit back.

Check Your Rental Inspection List

When you first moved into your rental, you should have received an inspection checklist from your landlord or the management office. If you didn’t receive one, you can print one of your own and give a copy to management or the landlord with your signature. Once our licensed Tennessee movers have you fully moved out, go over the checklist by checking for any damages you may have caused during your rental period.

Clean Up Carefully

Right after our Tennessee moving company take your belongings to your new home, take the time to clean your rental. Dust and mop your rental as needed. If you have carpet flooring, vacuum the floor to make sure to get all of your security deposit back. Don’t leave the appliances like the kitchen stove and refrigerator out of the cleaning process.

Take Photos

Record how clean you left your rental right before you move out. Snap photos of each room and surface within the rental that you can send to management the same day. If you’re not able to send the photos within the same day, make sure your photos have a timestamp or the file includes the date of when they were taken. This ensures that any damages your landlord may create after you move out aren’t connected to you.

Fixing Minor Damages

In the case that you may have created minor damages to the rental, there are easy fixes for them. After our Tennessee moving company has all your belonging and furniture moved out, take the time to look for any minor damages. Have indentations in the carpet? Place ice cubes on any dents that your furniture may have left behind. Once they have melted, use a spoon to pick up the fibers. To fill in nail holes in the walls, use white Ivory soap or toothpaste. Use a tennis ball to remove scuff marks off hardwood floors.

We Make Moving Easier for You!

Hiring our professional Tennessee movers means having more time on your hands to take care of any other relocation needs. Whether it’s cleaning up your rental to receive your security deposit or to do some shopping for your new home, our Tennessee moving company takes care of the hard work so you don’t have to. Have any questions or concerns about our relocation packages? Contact us to learn more about the services and packing supplies we offer.