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Fool-Proof Way of Finding a Doctor in a New City

Moving to a new city means readjustments to your routine and figuring out your new normal. Part of that process includes making sure you stay healthy. Before you move, learn how to find a doctor in your new city with the help of the Murfreesboro movers of All My Sons Moving & Storage.

Finding a credible doctor that you like and trust is not easy. Unfortunately, you can’t take your doctor with you when you move, so you have to find someone in your new city who you’re comfortable talking to about your well being. It’s hard to get to know someone you haven’t worked with yet so we’ve put together these tips to help make the process of finding a doctor in a new city easier.


The Search for a New Doctor

• Ask your current doctor if they can recommend another doctor in the city where you are moving.

• Ask your friends or family if about any doctors in your new neighborhood they are familiar with.

• Look online or call the insurance company to request a list of in-network doctors in your new area.

• Ask a local hospital, as they usually have physician referral services. While you’re there, ask the nurses as well. If there’s anyone who knows the truth about how a doctor treats their patients, it’s the nurses.

• Check medical schools in your new city for references or additional information such as a physician’s credentials.


Once you have compiled your own list of potential doctors, you can cut that list down further based on the ones that accept your insurance plan and are currently accepting new patients, eliminating the physicians that do not meet these criteria.


Additional Research About a Doctor’s Credentials

Your list now comprises doctors who both accept your insurance plan and are currently accepting new patients. What’s next? You need to dig a little deeper, research what you can online, and ask the doctor themselves?  If you’re not sure what to look, our Murfreesboro residential movers recommend you research the following information:

• Educational background

• Hospitals where the doctor completed their residency

• Licenses and board-certifications

• Amount of time they have been practicing medicine

• Affiliations with hospitals or medical facilities where they have special privileges

• History of disciplinary actions, malpractice, and patient feedback

• Rate of success among patients with a similar condition

• Doctor’s personality based on word of mouth or even social media


Finding a doctor in a new city can be daunting because you are literally trusting your life with this person. There are many resources online to verify that your doctor can legally practice medicine in Tennessee, including the institutions that grant medical licenses and board certification themselves. Try to gather as much information from other sources rather than directly from the doctor and the practice itself to avoid dealing with a disreputable physician. Despite all your research, if you made an appointment and you are uncomfortable with the doctor for whatever reason, do not feel obligated to continue with this practice. Move on to the next doctor on your list. It is vital that you trust your doctor enough to discuss your health so that they can properly treat you and take care of your medical needs.


Trust the Murfreesboro local movers to take care of your belongings during this important transition in your life as you search for a new doctor to keep you healthy.