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How to Clean for a House Party in 3 Days

Getting ready to host a house warming party in your new home does not have to be stressful. After all, your local Murfreesboro moving company has already got the hard part covered for you. You already know that your belongings are in safe hands with All My Sons Moving & Storage, so why not trust them when it comes to planning your housewarming party, too? Just take some of these tips from your Murfreesboro movers and effortlessly make sure that your home is clean and ready for a party in just three days.

Want to know what the simplest way to get your new home clean after moving is, without making it feel like it is an endless chore? Break up your cleaning over multiple days. By having the different tasks spread out, you avoid having to dread cleaning. Instead, you will wonder how everything got done so quickly and why you have not been cleaning this way the entire time.  

  1. Make a Game Plan. In order to more efficiently prepare for a housewarming party, you will need to strategize on a game plan for cleaning and organizing your new home after you are finished unpacking moving boxes and having your Murfreesboro movers assemble your furniture. In order to make sure you remember everything that needs to get done, write everything down on a notepad so you can easily reference it. Write down any rooms that still have boxes that need to be unpacked, any dishes that still need to be cleaned, and anything that might be an inconvenience when walking through your home’s entryway. Also, make sure to step out to your sidewalk and take note of any debris that need to be cleaned up, bushes that need to be trimmed, and any other landscaping that needs to be taken care of.
  2. Brighten the Entryway. Since the entryway is the first impression that your home makes on your guests, you want to make sure that it is decorated and cleaned as well as possible, and it might be extra dirty from everyone’s sneakers once your movers leave. If you haven’t done so already, wash the windows; it is incredible how much better clean glass looks! You can also take a damp mop to give your baseboards a little bit of shine. Chances are, they will be needing it after all the people that were in and out of your home while moving in. Also, take the time to sweep the walkway, stairs, or front porch.
  3. Room to Mingle. One thing you want to make sure you do when cleaning up your home for a house warming party, is to clear up enough space where the actual party will be. This way, all of your guests will have plenty of room to mingle. One important thing to note while cleaning your home for a party: write down a list of fragile or valuable items; you may already have this list handy if you created one before your move to Murfreesboro. Before the day of your party, put them away on high shelves where they are sure to stay safe. This way, you also make sure that you do not have to clean up messy broken pieces once the party is done!