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Reasons to Avoid Murfreesboro Packers With Bad Reputations

When it comes to hiring professional moving and packing services, you want to make sure that you get assistance only from the most quality moving company in Murfreesboro. After all, you opened your moving budget to ensure that your move goes as quickly and efficiently as possible. However, some people are of the mindset that just because they are willing to spend on professional movers, that they should get the cheapest moving and packing services, even if the moving company has a poor reputation. This can be a disaster waiting to happen. Before you finalize which Murfreesboro movers to hire, learn what to avoid and why.


What to Look for in A Bad Moving Company


Moving companies in Murfreesboro are not all the same. While some, like All My Sons Moving & Storage have been around for decades, others don’t necessarily carry the experience that makes them a qualified source for moving. Here are a few things that are a red-flag in a moving company:


Name Changes

A Murfreesboro moving company that has changed named recently/repeatedly may have done so because of too many claims against them of poor practices. This may include damages to an individual’s property, not showing up on time or at all for a scheduled delivery, or overcharging on moving and packing services. Research them and don’t be afraid to ask your moving company questions about their services, reputation and background.

Providing a Quote Over the Phone

You may be thinking to yourself, “Why is this bad? I’d love to know how much I need to pay right away.” Well the problem with a phone quote is that a Murfreesboro mover from a reputable moving company cannot accurately give you a price without scheduling a home consultation. They may perhaps ask you a few questions and give you a starting price, but any moving company that doesn’t come to your home for an inspection prior to the move-in date is not one to be trusted. This is how families get hit with additional moving fees on the day of or after a move has been completed.

Moving Brokers

Make sure the company you’re talking to is an actual moving company and not just a broker who contracts the moving and packing services to someone else.  Websites that advertise they will shop for the best price for you might not be using qualified Murfreesboro movers. This is how things get lost in translation. You want to make sure that you speak directly with the moving company. This is also makes it easier to updated/change anything in the move ahead of time.

Don’t make the mistake of falling victim to a moving scam. Professional movers get bad reports all the time. There’s no way of going around that, however there’s a difference between an incident with a customer who was just having a bad day and took it out on the moving company, and a moving company that consistently falls short of delivering customer satisfaction. For the safest bet, contact an All My Sons Murfreesboro mover today at 615-617-6975!


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