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How to Avoid Moving Injury and Damage

Moving can be a real pain. Between juggling a million moving parts and trying to stay calm throughout the process, it can really take its toll on you. Whether you are going to Los Angeles or moving to Murfreesboro, the stress of relocating can really affect your mental and physical state for days and even weeks on end. So, how does one prepare themselves for the daunting task of moving? There are several ways to help prevent against moving injuries.

Let’s begin with preventing the major mental stress…

Stress during a move is an inevitability. There are far too many components to a move, making it virtually impossible to avoid stress entirely. However, there are ways to greatly diminish that stress to a minimal amount of worry and concern. The most important step in reducing stress during a move is to plan accordingly. Setting aside time to properly plan out your move, pack items and arrange for the upcoming changes in your life can really make a world of difference. When a move is rushed, it is very easy for small tasks or items to slip through the cracks, leaving the door open for stress and worry. Even weeks later you may realize something was forgotten. Avoid a moving injury like chronic stress during your next move by preparing ahead of time!

A move can be physically exhausting as well.

The best way to avoid a moving injury to your physical body is to hire professional movers. Hiring a full-service moving company such as All My Sons Moving & Storage of Murfreesboro, will alleviate you from many of the moving burdens people face. Professional movers take care of all the packing, loading, unloading, and even disassembly and reassembly of your furniture. No need to break your back carrying that bed upstairs, let the professionals handle it. However, if you prefer to be more of a hands-on person, there are other ways to prevent moving injuries.

To prevent injury while moving, consider your packing practices. Think rationally and avoid over packing. Using smaller boxes when packing will prevent you from over filling a box and making it too heavy. Although there will be more boxes to carry they will be lighter and easier to carry.

Utilizing proper lifting techniques can really help to avoid a moving injury. When lifting heavy boxes, use the proper squatting technique to lift with your legs. Lifting boxes with your back can lead to serious injury which may leave you in pain for weeks to come and bring moving day to a screeching halt.

Staying hydrated and nourished can also help you avoid injury while moving to Murfreesboro. On moving day, make sure to be prepared with plenty of water and snacks to munch on throughout the day. Lifting boxes and furniture can leave your body feeling week. Replenish yourself throughout the day so you are not left feeling like a sore zombie the next few days.

As a final tip to avoid a moving injury, make sure to use the proper equipment to take the load off yourself, literally. Do not attempt to lift too many boxes on your own. Rent dollies and any other moving equipment you will need to make your move easier. This will help reduce the number of items you are carrying and save you some pain!