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First Day Moving Tips for Your New San Antonio Home

Moving can be a stressful and overwhelming process, but your San Antonio movers will make it a painless and enjoyable time that you can remember as a lasting memory for years to come. We know you’re an eager beaver and want to unpack all of your boxes and start living your life in your new home sweet home, but taking some small steps before ripping apart every box will save you time down the road.

- Clean before unpacking. Having a clean, blank canvas to work with is easier than having a mess and trying to work around it. Go throughout your rooms with a magic eraser to clean dirt spots on walls, door handles, and light switches. This will also give you a peace of mind that everything is clean and ready to be lived in by you, before all of your belongings are unpacked.

- Choose a scent. We all prefer certain scents over others; choose one that will be inviting every time you walk through the door after a long day’s work. Start by opening the windows to air out the whole house; this will refresh the space and allow you to add your flair to it. Light your favorite candles and use some plug-in air fresheners - they are a great way to get your home smelling like a field of daisies without having to worry about burning the house down.

- Sharpies are your friend. The experts at All My Sons Moving & Storage professionally handle your belongs with care, but sometimes the law of physics play a factor in the moving process. Life happens and furniture may get some paint chipped off. But, no reason to panic when there’s every color under the sun in markers these days. Little touch ups with a sharpie is a quick way to cover up imperfections without having to whip out a drop cloth, paintbrush, and a gallon of paint.    

- Prep before nailing and hanging. It’s better to plan before you get hammer happy and start creating a bunch of holes all over your walls and can’t use any of them. After your move to San Antonio, if you are trying to hang multiple pictures and/or decorations on a wall, but not sure how to arrange them, here’s a helpful tip: reuse some of the moving paper you wrapped your dishes in and trace out the different shapes of the objects you want to hang. Cut them out and either play with arranging them on your floor or even try taping them up on the wall with some painter’s tape so you don’t damage the wall paint. This gives you time to figure out how you want them without punching a ton of little holes in the wall. However, if you make a mistake you can always fill the hole in with a small amount of toothpaste so it can be painted over later.

These helpful first day moving tips will save you the stress and headache of moving, but your full-service San Antonio moving company will relieve a lot of that for you already. Our San Antonio movers are wishing everyone a happy move into their new home sweet home!