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Choosing the Best Season to Move to San Antonio

If you are moving to San Antonio, the time of year in which you plan to move may have an effect on your family’s overall moving experience. Factors such as weather, holidays, and the school year all play a role in whether or not you are planning your move at the appropriate time. San Antonio movers have a reputation for providing exceptional moving and storage services regardless of the season. However, they agree that if you are moving to San Antonio it is important to take into consideration the season, where you are moving from, and what your family situation is.

Moving to San Antonio in Summer – Although most agree that moving in the summer is the best time of year to relocate, there are both pros and cons to deciding to relocate during this time of year. The great thing about moving to San Antonio in the summer time, especially if you have children, is that your kids are on summer break. Children who move to a new home in the summer season usually adapt better because they don’t miss schoolwork, and are not uprooted from friends and things that they are accustomed to in the middle of the school year.

Beyond it being a better time to relocate your children, moving to San Antonio in the summer means warmer temperatures and possibly better moving weather. Rain can make moving difficult because your belongings can get wet while being moved from your home to the moving truck, or if they are left outside, moving boxes can get damp and ruin your belongings.

Another reason why moving to San Antonio in the summer is a great idea is that the real estate market will have more options for you and your family. More homes are for sale in the summer months because a greater amount of people have a desire to put their homes on the market when it’s easier to take a holiday from work and relocate – just like your reasons for moving!

Although moving to San Antonio may be ideal in the summer season, there may also be some drawbacks to choosing this time of year to move. San Antonio moving companies and trucks can be more expensive in summer because there is a greater demand for their services. Movers make most of their profit during July and August, so moving costs increase. However, our San Antonio movers believe in providing fair moving prices, whether you are moving long or short distance.

Moving to San Antonio in Fall or Spring – The greatest benefit of moving during these two seasons is that there is a decreased demand for moving companies because less people are relocating. The weather is also still decent during fall and spring, making moving your belongings easier. The unfortunate thing about moving to San Antonio during one of this seasons is you will have to remove your kids from school. If this is the case, try moving in the very beginning or end of the school year so your kids won’t miss too much schoolwork.

Moving to San Antonio in Winter – Although it may not be ideal to move to San Antonio in cold weather during holidays while your kids are still in school, there is something wonderful about it. There is hardly any competition for moving companies, so finding a great deal on a San Antonio mover can be expected!