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Moving On From Divorce: Reason To Celebrate!

For every residential move, there is a reason behind the relocation. For your Richmond mover here, it is a pleasure to work with shippers who are moving for positive reasons –new jobs, new family additions, etc. Don’t get me wrong, customers who call on us with not-so-positive causes for moving needs are great to work with too, especially when the move is over and the stress has eased up for them. However; when people are moving on to bigger and better things, the whole process of handling their move is highly enjoyable and rewarding from start to finish. Among the many positive causes for relocation needs, you would be surprised to know how many divorce situations are actually positive experiences for one if not both of the participating parties! Married couples who have gone or are going through a divorce aren’t typically saddened by the split. When children are involved divorce can be difficult, but for the most part divorce is a much needed escape plan to move on to happier days. 

Getting a divorce, like moving, can be a long and complicated process. With all that each half of the marriage equation must go through in order to break free, moving is probably the most enjoyable step along the way! A common reaction to a friend or family member telling you of his or her divorce may be to try and console, but congratulating might be a much more fitting response to the news. Divorce may seem difficult, but for a married couple who all-out despise each other, trying to “work it out” is a much more painful experience than calling it quits and moving out of each other’s life. Congratulations on your divorce! Now let’s move you quickly so you can start enjoying your new life as a free man or woman!