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The Ultimate Packing Guide | Moving to Portland

Everything You Need to Know About Packing for a Move to Portland!

It’s easy to get overwhelmed when you move. There are so many little things that can, and usually do, go wrong. That’s why it helps to have a packing guide from a Portland moving company. We have seen it all, done it all, and provided moving services in Portland for over 20 years. All My Sons Moving & Storage even offers packing services, so you don’t have to lift a finger yourself. You can leave all the packing and heavy lifting to us, that’s a choice you have when you choose All My Sons in Portland.

Print out this packing guide to ensure that every aspect of your move to Portland or move in Portland is smooth sailing.

What is Your Date?
Before you move, you must decide on a date. Your moving quote, your packing schedule, and your entire move is contingent on your moving date. Make sure that your moving date gives you some breathing room on both your old lease and your new one, and have it approved by the Portland moving company that you chose.

Research & Free Moving Quotes
All successful moves begin with the right research. Most Portland moving companies offering free moving quotes, including All My Sons. Reach out and ask for a free moving quote. You can call and speak to someone at the company and let them know you are researching for an upcoming move. They will ask how many rooms, how many levels, the date of your move, and if you will be moving yourself or require full-service moving professionals. Have the answers to those questions ready.

Create Your Moving List
All packing guides start with a basic list. Have your moving date at the very end. Create a moving timeline and include all the free time you have from now until the day you move set aside for packing.

Take Inventory
Do a walkthrough of your home. This is something that Portland moving companies do at the start of all moving jobs. Take notes of all the furniture that you need to disassemble, and make note of rooms that have more clothing and furniture than others.

Gather Packing Supplies
Avoid garbage bags and old boxes if possible. These are cheap packing supplies, but these cheap materials will not protect your belongings like they should. We have seen too many customers damage their own belongings because of this. We highly recommend using proper moving supplies.

Start Packing
You should start with the living room and bedrooms first. Pack clothing and furniture that you are sure you won’t need at first. Use a moving checklist to ensure you are packing everything. Also, stick to a plan and set a number of moving day reminders. And be sure to label everything!

The final step is the easiest. Sit back and let the Portland moving company handle the rest. The only thing you’ll have to worry about is getting comfortable in your new home!

Safe and happy packing from All My Sons Moving & Storage in Portland!