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How to Move To Portland With Your Pets

Getting ready to move to a new place can be just as stressful for you as it is for your pet. If you are moving to Portland and you have pets, it’s important to understand how to prepare them for a move and you must have the proper procedures in place during the preparation phase and the actual moving day. When you’re packing up boxes in preparation for moving day, try following these tips to ensure this transition process goes as smoothly as possible for you and your furry friend. Our Portland movers from All My Sons Moving & Storage will take care of your entire family including your loving pets and we share with you how to move with pets.

Update Your Pet’s Tag Information

With all of the hustle and bustle of moving to a new city, your pet is at an increased risk of getting out and getting lost in a completely new area for them. To ensure that someone is able to find your pet and get him or her back to you if this were to occur, make sure you update your pet’s tag a week or two before the Portland movers show up at your door to help you move. Remember, you pet’s tag should include your phone number as well as your name, your new address, and your pet’s name. This process can be completely overlooked with all the other moving tasks you have to complete so we want to remind you about this important task for your pet.

Adequate amount of Food and Medication

The moving process, unfortunately, often comes with delays. If you find yourself stuck in a remote city because your flight was delayed or you can’t get the keys to your new place for a couple days after you arrive, make sure that you’re still prepared to take care of your pet with food and necessary medication. A few weeks before you move, try to get some extra medications from your veterinarian and pack a few extra days of food for your pet. This way, you have everything your pet will need to stay healthy as he or she transitions to a new home. Make sure to bring extra treats as well because this can be an overwhelming time for your pets as they may not understand the new environment change.

Prepare Your New Home to be Pet-Friendly

Once you get to your new home, it may take your pet a few days to adjust to his or her surroundings. To make things easier on your pet, set up a special area for him or her. Designate a small area for your pet in your home and put his or her bed, food dishes, toys, and other favorite things in this place. This way, your pet feels like he or she has somewhere to go before he or she gets situated and comfortable in the new home. This adjustment can take time, however, providing them with their favorite things will ease the process.

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