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How to Secure and Protect Your Belongings During a Move

When you move, you’re bringing what’s important to you or what’s most valuable. Of course, you want to protect your belongings during a move. Most people choose to hire a Portland moving company because professional movers are better at protecting your belongings.

Buy New Packing Supplies

If we can only offer one moving tip that everyone will follow its this: always buy new packing supplies if you really want to protect your belongings during a move. Older packing supplies buckle under pressure, or tear and fold, crushing and shifting all the contents inside the box. If your moving budget is low, then do your best to invest in new moving boxes for just what is most important to you.

Pack Better – Stack Better

The better you pack and stack, the more you protect your belongings during a move. The trick to packing moving boxes safely and staking boxes correctly is heavier at the bottom and lighter at the top. Think about this when you pack individual boxes. Do not mix and match. Keep all the heavy stuff together.

Be sure to use the right size boxes. If there is lots of empty space in the box, it will buckle when you stack other moving boxes on top!

Plastic is Better

Plastic bins, like the ones you can pick up at almost any home good store, are perfect for moving and they can be reused. So, you are protecting your stuff during a move and also being more environmentally conscious.

Plastic is also better because you cannot “over pack” plastic tubs, or squeeze in too much, and you can stack them better. Plastic tubs force you to think more like one of our Portland movers, which is a good thing when you are packing!

Get Moving Insurance

You can purchase additional moving insurance from third party insurance companies, or you can make sure that your belongings are secure by hiring a professional, licensed and insurance moving company. All legitimate moving companies offer a limited liability overage that will cover most damages incurred during a move.

Carry Valuable Belongings with You

Some things go without saying, but it makes sense to say them anyway. You should always carry the most important documents and valuables you own with you. Even the best movers should not have access to your most personal documents, belongings, and treasures.

We included important mementos in this category. Though any decent moving company will protect your belongings during a move, you should not let some things out of your site.

Choose Professional Movers

We admit we are a little bias on this one, but we believe that the best way to protect your belongings during a move is to hire the professionals. It’s as simple as that. If you want it done right, get the right people to do it for you!