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How to Cancel Your Move

The All My Sons Moving & Storage Cancellation Policy

Life is complicated, confusing, and things happen that require us to change our plans all the time. That’s just life. So if you need to, how can you cancel your move with All My Sons Moving & Storage? Though we will write this for our Portland moving company, this cancellation policy is true of all the All My Sons Moving & Storage locations across the United States.

 How To Cancel Your Move Infographic

All My Sons Moving & Storage's Cancellation Policy

Things happen, and it would be unfair of us to lock any of our customers into contracts and force them to pay us if something comes up. We are a company of local Portland movers just like the families and business we move. For that reason, we do not require payments to reserve certain days, and we will not charge if you cancel your move.

How to Cancel Your Move

Instead of moving contracts, we write up an order of service. This is not a contract. If you want to cancel, delay, or change your move date, you can do so by calling your residential Portland movers and explaining the situation to them. Simply tell them that you want to delay, reschedule, or cancel your move. You can call the All My Sons Moving & Storage national line at 1-855-724-9463 or search for your local office number.

What Happens If I Cancel My Move?

First, we ask if you want to delay or reschedule your move instead of cancelling your move. If you decide that you want to cancel your move, we simply change the order of service and cancel the move. We then fill your moving date with one of the other waiting customers we have on our waiting list. The most important thing to understand is that we don’t want you to feel uncomfortable when you cancel your move. We understand that things come up, and there are so many external events that affect our moving experience.

However, you must cancel your move before the moving services have begun. Once our movers have begun working, you cannot cancel moving services without incurring some cost. This is just because we have started to work already. You would have to talk to your local moving coordinator to discuss a cancellation. The sooner we know the better – don’t hesitate if you are unsure!

Changing Moving Dates

Rescheduling or changing your moving date is as easy as cancelling your move. Simply call our local Portland movers and ask to speak to your moving coordinator. We will work with you to find a moving date that works for you. Your satisfaction is our mission. We will do our best to find a new moving date and time that works for you. Because we know how stressful moving can be when everything is going right, so it’s even more stressful when it's not.

Other Tips When Cancelling a Move

As a courtesy, we want to remind you to cancel all the other services related to your move. If you’re not moving at all, then you need to cancel all the services you moved, update your address on any official documents that you have, and cancel any orders you have made for moving supplies.